One Hour With Me Will Forever Change How You See Reality & Help You Connect With Lost Loved Ones and Heal Your Soul

I’m about to share with you how you can start to heal from emotional pain after losing a loved one or losing your way in life…

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Samantha Moultrup.

Chances are you haven’t heard of me before. Maybe the first time you heard my name was from your friend, family member, co-worker, or neighbor.

I’m a professional psychic medium. But what I have to share with you is so extraordinary and powerful, I decided to write this myself. So bear with me a little.

I have been helping people radically transform their lives, reconnect with their departed loved ones, mend “desperate souls”, and so much more. I want to tell you all about it and how I can do the same for you.

Before I share my story with you, I’d like you to take a moment and breathe.

Think about all the reasons you sought me out in the first place

Ok, good, now, I want you to picture your life with a little less strife in it.

Sounder sleep with pleasant dreams.

More energized mornings where you drink your coffee or tea for the flavor not the caffeine.

Missing pieces in your heart are filled with love. I want you to hold this image as you read what I’m about to tell you next.

These thoughts you’re holding onto, in YOUR mind’s eye are the very reasons why I answered the call to help people like you.

Once this emotional pain has been lifted you’d be surprised how much your life can change for the better.

You will be more comfortable, more sociable, better rested, more efficient at work, more energy to be a better parent, spouse, friend.

This can save you time and money and allow you to enjoy life to the fullest. You’ll be stronger and healthier and better liked by others. Healing from emotional pain can really bring back “the good ol’ days”.

I can’t promise you that ALL these things are going to happen to you, that’s a bit unrealistic, wouldn’t you agree?

I have added these here because all of them come from feedback I have received from my clients.


…If only one of these things changed in your life for the better it would make a tremendous difference in how you feel every day. Just imagine what that will do for you?

Take a moment and remember what if felt like before the emotional pain of losing a loved one crippled you…

How desperate you felt knowing that you may never get the closure you so desperately need because that person is gone now…

Now I want you to imagine what it would be like if you had one more chance to talk with your loved one…

What would you say? How would your life change for the better after? You’ve got to wonder!

Now let me ask you this… What if it was possible? What if I could prove it to you far beyond a shadow of a doubt with absolutely no risk on your part that I am able to do this?

There are only two ways I can prove to you that I’m able to do what I say I can (that is if you’re the least bit skeptical).

  1. You can schedule an appointment with me and see for yourself
  2. You can read the story of someone else who has and learn about how I was able to be so spot on that this person was absolutely, positively convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was communicating with a lost loved one.

Please take the time and read Stacey’s story. Stacey was a little skeptical but was hurting and had heard about what I was able to do.

I asked Stacey before we started to give permission for me to contact her father on the other side and to set some intentions.

“She asked me to help her contact the spirit by simply closing my eyes and silently giving them permission and talking to my dad myself. During this time, I told my dad if I were actually going to believe the reading is legitimate and Samantha is truly able to contact him, I wanted specific things to be brought up during the reading”

After that we began the reading and her father showed up.

I have to admit I was a bit perplexed by the message he wanted me to tell her but I did it anyway because that’s how it works.

Here is what happened in Stacey’s own words.

“Within a few minutes, Samantha let me know someone was there. She instantly started to hum and sing Hey Jude by The Beatles. The Beatles were my dad’s favorite band. We even played them during his visitation and funeral.

Right after that she blurted out Chrissy. I just sobbed. Chrissy is the baby doll my dad brought home for me when I was just 2-years-old. She became a part of our family. She went everywhere with me. When my dad passed, my middle child clung to her and she has since been attached to her just as I was my entire childhood and beyond.

Something from my childhood was the first thing I asked my dad to tell Samantha.”

You can read the rest of Stacey’s story by clicking the button below and you’ll learn about how I was spot on with her other intention in her words

Click Here to Read Stacy’s Story

Imagine, for a moment, that it’s a month from today, you have already had a session with me and you are filled with inspiration in areas where you struggled before.

Your nightmares turn into dreams you don’t want to end. People start noticing there’s something different about you. Some even say “you’re glowing”.

Life is more manageable. You cope a little better now. You see the world as a wonderful, magical place that it really is instead of a place filled with pain, anxiety, heartbreak. You start to notice the sky is bluer, even on a rainy day. The grass seems greener. Your coffee tastes better. Life starts becoming exciting bit by bit as each day goes on.

Now I know this may sound unbelievable even farfetched. You may have a hard time believing that even a fraction of this can happen to you. But, What if it could. What would your life be like if only one of the things I mentioned did come true, manifested itself into your reality,

Or two…

Or three…

You get where I’m going with this. And you know, if what I’m saying is true, it could be a game changer for you. But first, I need to convince you that I truly am capable of doing this for you.

All I ask is for a few minutes of your time

Be one of the many people who have benefited from a psychic reading with me

Join me while I connect with your spirit guides and loved ones on the other side to deliver you information to help heal your soul and give your life guidance.

Read what others are saying and jump on this offer!

After feeling lost and disconnected for weeks, I contacted Samantha for a reading hoping to find some guidance. I have to say, the reading has really changed my life. She was spot on with everything that was brought up, without me telling her anything. Since then, I’ve started meditating and using the tools/advice from Samantha and my guides. I finally had the courage to leave a bad situation and begin to further accept myself as I am. I highly recommend getting a reading for anyone feeling lost or missing a connection.

Courtney N.

I’ve had the honor of receiving several readings from Samantha, and every one has been accurate and delivered with compassion. She was able to communicate with my uncle and quickly addressed and healed emotional issues we weren’t able to before he passed. She also was able to connect with my grandpa, who mentioned my aunt by name and expressed concern about her health. When we checked on my aunt, she was gravely ill with respiratory issues that would likely have taken her life if she had delayed medical care. I would not hesitate to recommend Samantha to anyone looking to connect with a loved one ot their spiritual team.

Janet Henry

Samantha is a wonderful person and a truly amazing medium. Not only did Samantha blow me away with her accuracy and capability to connect me with past loved ones, but, also, at just how much clarity and confidence I have felt within myself in the days and weeks since my reading with her.

Samantha brought me to tears with her ability to tap into aspects of my relationships, family, career goals, worries, health and my future as I said nearly nothing but nodded that I understood. I felt as if Samantha could see my soul. Her unique wholistic approach has left me feeling so positive, grounded, and with a new confidence to absolutely move forward with my goals.

Samantha, thank you so very much. You have a gift. I can’t stop telling my husband, family, and friends about my life changing experience with you!

Kara C.

Call now and join the other healing souls who have greatly benefited from a session with me!

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There’s no risk to you. I will give you a full refund if for whatever reason you found our time together unsatisfactory. Don’t hesitate as I will not be offering a deal this good again!

I am looking forward to meeting you as well as helping you contact a loved one or give you messages and guidance from the spirit realm.