Five Ways to Get to Know Yourself…Again

If you haven't noticed already, you aren't the same person who started this year. You may have lost friendships perhaps gained some in their place. The world is shifting and we are all changing in ways that can leave us feeling lost and lonely, especially when we struggle to recognize ourselves. Somewhere along your journey, [...]

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What to Do When Under an Energy Attack

Energy attacks are more common than you may think. For highly sensitive empaths, they can go almost undetected. Before I get into what to do when you are being attacked energetically, I'd like to offer you some insight into what it feels like when your energy field is penetrated by an outside source and what [...]

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The Ugly Truth of Being an Empath

My psychic and mediumship abilities are called “gifts”. Most people say people like me are gifted. Gift or gifted is used because most people view these abilities as if people such as myself are lucky to possess such qualities and when we share our abilities we are gifting the world. When I think of my [...]

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So You’ve Had a Bad Day

I was never promised a rose garden, but I definitely grew up feeling entitled to having one. A big part of my ever-evolving maturity has been getting over the idea that just because I was handed a few bad cards over the years doesn’t mean I am entitled to a good hand all the time. [...]

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Five Reasons We Don’t Ask For Help

I am the type of person that grows and heals better when I know the "WHY" to something. While each of us have different circumstances and situations, we are all human and share a lot universally.   Asking for help was a HUGE barrier I had to overcome. I learned that living on an island [...]

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Sagittarius Full Moon Ritual

Full moons bring us energy that helps us to release what is no longer serving us or helping us to move forward. It's easy to say to let go, release. But what if you don't know what it is you need to let go? This not knowing can keep you stuck, replaying the same patterns [...]

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Gemini New Moon Ritual

On June 3rd,  the New Moon is in Gemini. This New Moon is focused on communication, self-expression, and speaking your truth. The New Moon represents our shadow side, the darkness we need to shine light on. Sometimes, we find it extremely difficult to speak up for ourselves or even say what we mean. We hide [...]

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