Energy Forecast for July 2019

This month is going to be a very welcoming change from what we have been experiencing this year so far! Portal Opening The Eclipse Gateway is opening a portal of energy that will elevate our consciousness and spark new spiritual growth Our manifestation powers are going to explode with the opening of this portal! This [...]

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June Solstice Energy Forecast 2019

The word "solstice" is derived from the Latin words, "sol" meaning sun and "sistere" meaning to stand still. The Solstice is when the sun stands still in the sky creating shorter days in the Summer and longer days in the winter. The June Solstice marks the end of the first astrological quarter and the first [...]

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Sagittarius Full Moon Ritual

Full moons bring us energy that helps us to release what is no longer serving us or helping us to move forward. It's easy to say to let go, release. But what if you don't know what it is you need to let go? This not knowing can keep you stuck, replaying the same patterns [...]

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Gemini New Moon Ritual

On June 3rd,  the New Moon is in Gemini. This New Moon is focused on communication, self-expression, and speaking your truth. The New Moon represents our shadow side, the darkness we need to shine light on. Sometimes, we find it extremely difficult to speak up for ourselves or even say what we mean. We hide [...]

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Taurus New Moon Ritual

The New Moon for May is preparing you to change up your routine. It is simple to fall into the trap of day-to-day life and stay in a routine. It's comfortable. It's safe. Taurus is stubborn and very into routine. This New Moon's energy is bringing with it new energy and a chance for you [...]

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Libra Full Moon Ritual for April

The theme surrounding the energy of this Full Moon is finding balance in your relationships with others. So often, we look to others as the source of our distress that we forget the power is within us. We identify our worth in others and this is not where our worth is found. We are in [...]

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