How it Works

In Person:

When you arrive, I’ll invite you in and help you get comfortable. You’ll walk into a candle lit room with tea awaiting you. When we start the reading, I will sit in front of you, most likely on the floor, and ask to hold your hands as we silently ask your Spirit Guides and Angels and/or your deceased loved one(s) to guide me to answers to your questions and information that will serve your highest good.

I will instruct you to only answer my questions with an answer of yes, no, or maybe. The reason for this is I request the least amount of information from you, so I can maximize our time together. Sometimes, a conversation can overpower the reading and we will miss out on valuable messages from the other side. I will say names and I only ask if the name is familiar that you respond with either “living” or “deceased”.

I will act as a conduit of healing energy for you. I will connect with your Spirit Guides, Angels, and deceased loved ones to aid in your healing process. You don’t have to know anyone who has passed to receive benefits from my services.

Payment is due at the time of service.

Over the Phone:

We will arrange a date and time for our call to take place. I will call you when I have settled into my space. We can use Skype or just talk on the phone. This option is completely up to your preference. The instructions are the same as in person, except we will hold hands in our minds. Payment is due through PayPal before the reading starts.

Code of Ethics

  1. I will only read for people 18 years and older. I do not want to trample parental boundaries as well as disrespect legal reasons.
  2. I will keep our entire reading confidential. I will not repeat anything you tell me. Your trust is precious to me and essential for a good working relationship.
  3. I will never tell you something negative unless I myself can heal it or provide you with the tools to do so yourself or if I am able to refer you to someone who can help. It is pointless to point out something negative if nothing can be done about it.
  4. I will not validate you by saying someone has a negative or dark soul. Some people are negative and/or live with a darkness, but it is harmful to promote the idea that any human is not connected to Source or God.
  5. I do not make predictions of the future. The future is tangible due to our free will. We can explore ideas and options and how those may affect your life. But, I will not give you concrete predictions of what your future holds.
  6. If at the start of a reading, I conclude that I cannot help you, I will give you a full refund. I am skilled in several gifts, but if I get the sense that a session with me will not be in your highest good, I will refund you and refer you to someone who I feel may be able to do so.


  1. I am not a performer; therefore, this is not entertainment. I will not perform tricks or play games such as guessing games to prove my validity.
  2. Do not expect more than 1 validation. The purpose of the reading is not to tell you things that you already know, but to guide and help you in your growth and healing process.
  3. I am not a miracle worker nor life coach. The purpose of the reading is to offer guidance and solace, not to hold your hand in the future and give you advice from the spirit realm for every bump in the road. Therefore, I will not book you for any less than 6 months between sessions unless I am guided to keep it longer.
  4. It is imperative that you do your own energy work ahead of time. Sometimes, I am guided with directions for an individual and will let you know your “assignment” upon booking the appointment.
  5. I ask that you do not debate or engage in conversation with me during the reading as that will break my energy and connection. If this happens and I am unable to complete the session, I will not refund.
  6. Do not set expectations for what you want to receive from a reading. You may not get what you want, but you will always get what you need.
  7. You will get the most out of the reading if you have an open mind and a willingness to let go of preconceived notions of what it should be.