The theme surrounding the energy of this Full Moon is finding balance in your relationships with others. So often, we look to others as the source of our distress that we forget the power is within us. We identify our worth in others and this is not where our worth is found. We are in control of our self-worth.
We must recognize that we deserve to be treated with respect. We must love ourselves enough to walk away from people who are not for our highest good. We must honor ourselves enough to set boundaries with people who are meant to stay in our lives.

You have the power to resolve any relationship in your life

The resolution is not always in the form of what you prefer or desire, but it can be resolved in one way or another. Forgiveness, walking away, and acceptance take courage and strength. Your self-worth, rather your definition of self-worth is the doorway to finding your courage and strength for your relationships and your relationship with yourself.
As you allow others to define your self-worth, you will meet many closed doors. You must open the door within your heart. This ritual is an attempt to do so.

Shifting Your Focus Upon Yourself

It can be very easy to just think another person can change. Maybe if you find the right words to say. Maybe if you do this or that they will finally come around, right?

It doesn’t work that way.

Use the energy of this Full Moon to shine a light on the areas within you that you find yourself not appreciating in another. Your relationships, good and bad, are mirrors to your soul. This is a beautiful opportunity for you to heal aspects of your soul that are in desperate need of healing.

You Attract All That You Need

Every person who has entered your life and each bond that was formed, you attracted into your life. Each person has something to teach you. Some lessons take longer than others and some repeat themselves. During this ritual, you will be asked to give gratitude to all relationships as this will aid in your healing process.

This ritual is designed to help you remove the cords, the ties that are binding you to another that you need to walk away from, let go, or forgive. Be gentle with yourself as this process will bring forth feelings and emotions you may not have been ready to see. It is time, now to heal.

Supplies Needed:

~Music you find peaceful ~White candle and matches ~Smudge Stick of your choosing (if at all possible, sweet-grass) ~Pen and Paper ~Incense (preferably dragon’s blood or copal) ~Crystals of your choosing (preferably rose quartz, moonstone, and/or Lapis Lazuli)

  1. Turn your music on to a volume that is comfortable for you. Then smudge your space and your aura. Repeat silently or aloud, “I clear myself, I clear my space. I ask for an open mind and eyes to see that which I need to see.” 3 times.
  2. Light your incense and candle. Place both items on a surface that is safe for burning. Place your crystals in whatever grid you are drawn to create. If you are not feeling it, ask the crystalline energy to present itself and guide you.
  3. Sit in a comfortable position in front of your candle and crystals. Bring your hands together in prayer position and rest them at your heart center. Take in 3 deep breaths. Say silently or aloud, “I am open to receive the healing energy of the white light. May it fill me with love as I embark on this journey.”
  4. Take 3 more deep breaths, say silently or aloud, “I ask for the guidance to go deep within. May I be open to receive what I need to see about myself that I am viewing in _______. Show me what I may do to move forward and onward.” Be still. Trust what comes.
  5. Picture in your mind’s eye, the person from Step 4. Envision a silver thread making it’s way from your stomach area to their stomach area. When it feels as though this thread is attached securely to the both of you, pull them in closer using the thread.
  6. Keep the vision of this person in your mind. Look into their eyes. Use this opportunity to tell them how you feel, how they have wronged you, what your life is like because of a particular situation with them. Use this time to say anything and everything you wish you could say in person. If you feel yourself getting upset, take a few deep breaths, calm yourself and return to the practice.
  7. Now, with the person still attached to you through the silver thread, ask them for their point of view. Ask what it is they see. Ask them how they feel. Be open to the answers that come to you. This is where you will find your truth. If you feel yourself getting defensive, take a few deep breaths and ask your Angels and Guides to assist you in being more open to receive. Remember, this is a healing practice, this if for you.
  8. When you are ready, and only when you are ready, look at this person, with love, say, “Thank you for being my teacher. Thank you for showing me what it is I need to see. I am grateful for your assistance with me healing. I am now saying good-bye.” If it is someone who you cannot say good-bye to, feel free to add “this particular situation”.
  9. Envision a large pair of gold scissors. Open them and cut the thread that is attaching you to this person. Pull your part of the thread back inside of you. Ask the white light to seal this opening.
  10. Take three deep breaths, with the third blowing out your candle. Use your pen and paper to write down your experience and/or feelings.

*You may have to do this a few times. The energy of the Full Moon is potent until the 21st, but this ritual can be done anytime you feel you need this.