Meet The Soul Therapist

As a little girl, I was able to see spirits. I just didn’t know that’s what they were. I played with friends that only I could see but was unaware of that fact.

When I was 5, my Grandad visited me before his funeral with messages for my family. I would know things about people before they told me. I would have dreams turn into reality.

This was all just normal for me.

When I was in my 20’s, I experienced so much paranormal activity that I decided to reach out to my friends and some family members. They accused me of attention seeking and having an overactive imagination. I decided to keep my mouth shut and close the door to the ethereal world.

But, as time moved on, and the older I got, my team of Spirt Guides and Angels weren’t staying silent. They were going to be heard and they were going to disrupt my life in order for that to happen.

I went through a series of what I now call learning experiences, but at the time I viewed it as utter chaos. But, when the Universe wants your attention, it will shake you and pluck you out of your comfort zone, forcing you to grow and change.

That’s what happened to me.

I found peace after I accepted my calling.

I prayed and prayed to know what my earthly purpose was. I had always felt a hole in the center of my being. I knew I was meant to be more, do more, live more than what I currently was. I just didn’t know what was expected of me and what I was mean to do.

When my purpose was revealed to me, I knew this was no easy task. I was meant to help others heal from trauma and emotional wounds. In order to do so, I had to heal myself. I wen down my own path and discovered how potent my abilities

I have spent the past few years praying for my purpose to be revealed. For quite some time, there has always been a hole in the center of my being and I knew that I was meant for more than what I was being, living, and doing. Well, at the eve of summer 2018, my prayers were answered. And, I met my spiritual team and was shown (yes, I received a vision) what my purpose is.

I am a healer. My purpose is to help you and others.

After being blessed to experience what it is like to delve deep inside another’s soul and see the pain and trauma staring back at me, I have realized that this is my destiny. I have been broken and put back together more times than I can count. But, we are all broken. We are all in need of healing. So, all the bad and negative things that I have gone through and experienced are serving their purpose. Inside every crack, I have the ability to hold space for the wounded souls who are sent to me. My healed pain can cradle you and help you mend your broken pieces.

We are all one, connected, together.

A thousand candles can be lit by one single flame. I choose to be that flame. And if I don’t make it to a thousand, then I am thrilled nonetheless to light one!