Music is Life.

One of the greatest gifts my mom passed down to me was the the love of music. As a little girl I had my own record player and I played the same Madonna record over and over.

My mom loved to play her music loud and all day. She danced in the car and would always dance like no one was watching, even if they were. I didn’t appreciate this as much as I should have when I was younger. I was quite embarrassed actually. Now, I try to channel this version of my mother and allow my body to move with the sound of music.

Growing up, I had so much teenage angst that music healed my soul. Bands like Nirvana, U2, and Depeche Mode spoke to my soul. Listening to their songs, I felt understood and no longer alone in the world. These days, I tend to stick to some of my favorites such as Chris Cornell (especially Audioslave), Pearl Jam, and indie rock.

Music is good for the soul. It is healing and carries an energy that can be felt on many levels.

Sound Therapy

When we use sound as a healing modality, it can heal our emotional and physical health. Sound can be used to relax and quiet the mind, soothe the spirit, and calm your body through the nervous system. You can use sound therapy through meditation, binaural beats, moving your body to music, singing, or just listening.

Sound can release and reduce stress, tensions, and is very helpful to bring us back to the present moment.

Sound as a Tool

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ~Nikola Tesla

Sound has been used as a sacred tool for centuries. Pythagoras used sound to heal.

A few of my favorite examples:

  • Shamanic drumming can actually synchronize your right and left brain which increases your awareness. There are studies that have shown that drumming helps to increase your intelligence as well.
  • Binaural Beats cause the neurons in your brain to fire in synchronicity to boost particular areas you desire such as concentration, focus, sleep, relaxation, deep meditation, being more alert, reduce anxiety, enhance your creativity, balance your chakras, and the list goes on. Techno music also has a similar effect. Binaural beats work best with headphones.
  • Chanting is a repetition of a particular sound meant to induce a relaxed state while transmitting a certain frequency. By repeating certain syllables, your body vibrates and releases relaxing brain chemicals such as serotonin. When your serotonin levels are low, this affects your melatonin production which affects your sleep. The chant of “Om” represents the primordial sound of creation.
  • Singing bowls and tuning forks produce sound waves that resonate at frequency that can alleviate tensions and promote emotional balance.

Here’s Some Tips on How to Use Sound To Help You Heal

  1. Sit in a relaxed position or lie down
  2. Find music that you find soothing. this can be anything, but try to find something new. For instance, if you have never listened to binaural beats or a track with Tibetan singing bowls, open yourself up to a new possibility.
  3. Allow yourself to be immersed in the sound. As the sound sweeps through you, focus your attention on where the energy in your body may be blocked. Where does is feel sticky? Achy?
  4. Place your focus and awareness on the area(s) and breathe into them. Give love and light to this area of your body. Continue to do this until you feel the release. You may not feel a full release the first time so stick to it.
  5. Just observe, be the observer, don’t react to the experience. Allow it to happen and allow yourself to experience the magic of sound healing.
  6. You may have thoughts and judgements associated with the release, this is perfectly normal. Allow them to pass through with the beat of the music. Remember, you are not your mind, you are a divine creation and this practice is getting you in touch with the healing energy.
  7. Continue this practice for each area of your body that needs healing.

This is a great practice to keep coming back to. It doesn’t take long and can be done every day. You can do this in as little as 10 minutes or go as long as you prefer.