Full moons bring us energy that helps us to release what is no longer serving us or helping us to move forward.

It’s easy to say to let go, release. But what if you don’t know what it is you need to let go? This not knowing can keep you stuck, replaying the same patterns of thinking and behaviors over and over.

This ritual is intended to help you search deep within. To strengthen your ability of communicating with yourself.

The focus for this Full Moon and this ritual is self-confidence and self-belief. The energy of the New Moon in Gemini assisted us in speaking our truth, being true to ourselves, and finding ways to express ourselves. This ritual is going to help you become more truthful with yourself. Peel back the layers hiding the authentic, beautiful, magnificent you.

Certain life events can shake you, pull you away from your path, disrupt your routine. Leaving you lost, confused, doubtful, and even worse, not trusting yourself. When we lose confidence in ourselves, our abilities, our thoughts and actions, we tend to bow our heads and hide. We dim our light. We don’t ignite the fire that burns and lives inside of us.

The fire within you, your Agni (Sanskrit for fire), is a driving life-force of energy. This fire, this life-force will burn with the intensity you allow it to burn. When you reach the question part of the ritual, dive deep. Go deep within. Pull out whatever energy blocks are preventing you from living the life you desire living.

This is time for you to raise your consciousness, to evolve, to raise your vibration. The energy of the Full Moon will support you with this. Allow yourself to heal. With the approaching Eclipse season, large changes are among us. The more you can clear now, the easier it will be to make the next transition. This ritual was created to assist you in doing just that.

The Ritual

“Everything is within your power, and your power is within you.” ~ Janice Trachtman

Supplies needed: Calming music (optional)~Smudge Stick~Incense (preferably copal or myrrh)~Crystals (preferably moonstone, citrine, tiger’s eye, or pyrite)~White Candle and matches~3 pieces of paper (about the size of a half sheet of full paper) and pen~3 flowers (any will do, even dandelions)~3 coins (any will do)~A cup of comforting, hot tea~Your favorite mug for the tea

  1. Brew your tea. As it sits in your cup, lay your hands above the tea and say silently, or aloud, “May you nourish my body and soul. May you comfort the areas where I am in need of healing. May you cleanse the energies no longer serving my highest good.”
  2. Turn your music on to a volume that is comfortable for you. Then smudge your space and your aura. Repeat silently or aloud, “I clear myself, I clear my space. I ask for an open mind, guidance, and clarity.” 3 times.
  3. Light your incense and candle. Place both items on a surface that is safe for burning. Place your crystals in whatever grid you are drawn to create. If you are not feeling it, ask the crystalline energy to present itself and guide you. Put the papers, pen, flowers, and coins aside for now but on the same surface as the candle, crystals, and incense. Place your mug of tea in the center of your grid.
  4. Sit in any comfortable position in front of your candle, incense, and crystals. Bring your hands together in prayer position and rest them at your heart center.Breathe 3 deep, belly breaths. Say silently or aloud, “I ask to see what I need to release. May I release with love. I ask the Divine White Light to shine on the areas where healing is needed. May I receive this or something better.”
  5. Place the pieces of paper in front of you with the pen. Gather the flowers and coins. Place the flowers and coins in a row or wherever you are guided within your crystal grid.
  6. Write the next three questions on your papers leaving enough room to write the answers.
    • Where in my life can I be kinder to myself and those around me?
    • What in my life can I release to bring me more peace?
    • Where am I not being truthful to myself?
  7. For each piece of paper, take one flower and one coin, wrap them in the sheet of paper. Small enough to fit in both your hands. Cup the bundle in your hands, placing your hands at your heart center. With each bundle at separate times, say silently or aloud:
    • Bundle 1: “From this day forward, I choose to be kinder to myself. May the words on this paper become my reality.” Put the bundle aside. It may unfold. If it does, feel free to place a crystal on top of it.
    • Bundle 2: “From this day forward, I choose to release. I am open to receiving peace in all the ways peace means to me. I let go. I surrender.” Put the bundle aside.
    • Bundle 3: “From this day forward, I speak my truth. I live my truth. I no longer fear the truth of who I am.” Put the bundle aside.
  8. Sit in silence for a moment and reflect on how you feel from this experience. Are there areas in your body that now feel lighter? Freer? Allow the Universe to touch your soul.
  9. Take 9 deep breaths withe your hands in prayer position resting at your heart center. Take a tenth deep breath to extinguish the flame of your candle.
  10. You can plant your bundles, place them in your God Box, burn them. If you choose to burn them, try doing burning them in a ceremonial fire outside, allowing the ashes to be carried to the ears and eyes of heaven.

This is a fantastic ritual to do anytime you feel you need to light the fire within and step into your true, authentic self.