“My biggest fear was that I so desperately wanted to talk to my dad one last time that I would believe anything Sam said just because I wanted to believe it was my dad. I know for a fact Sam had contact with my dad. There is no possible way that anyone would just know any of this about my life and about my dad.”

My name is Stacey S. and I am a 29-year-old married mother of three. I have always thought mediums were extremely interesting and sometimes wished it was an ability I myself had.

I enjoyed watching shows about it and hearing other’s stories but I was always a little apprehensive. It was television after all. It had crossed my mind to see a medium myself to see what it was all about but I never acted on it. I never had a good enough reason to see one.

That is until my dad passed away unexpectedly at just 56-years-old. It was hands down the most devastating, life altering experience I have ever endured. He was one of my very best friends. I was a Daddy’s Girl through and through. He had been gone for about 9 months when one day as I was driving in the car missing him so terribly, talking out loud, begging to be able to talk to him just one more time. The next day I met with Sam.

Going into my reading I had very little expectation. I told myself, if I get something out of this, wonderful, but if not, I was not going to let myself be disappointed, it was just not meant to be. I was oddly calm and felt at ease as the reading was approaching.

At the very beginning, Sam gave great detail on what may happen and how. She made me feel extremely comfortable in a time that my heart should have been in my throat. She truly put me at ease. She asked me to help her contact the spirit by simply closing my eyes and silently giving them permission and talking to my dad myself.

During this time, I told my dad if I were actually going to believe the reading is legitimate and Sam is truly able to contact him, I wanted specific things to be brought up during the reading. I asked him to please have Sam mention something from my childhood, to let me know that he is always with my children and to address an issue and concern I had about a family member.

Within a few minutes, Sam let me know someone was there. She instantly started to hum and sing Hey Jude by The Beatles. The Beatles were my dad’s favorite band. We even played them during his visitation and funeral. Right after that she blurted out Chrissy. I just sobbed. Chrissy is the baby doll my dad brought home for me when I was just 2-years-old. She became a part of our family. She went everywhere with me. When my dad passed, my middle child clung to her and she has since been attached to her just as I was my entire childhood and beyond. Something from my childhood was the first thing I asked my dad to tell Sam.

Throughout the reading Sam continually said things that were so personal and spot on. The exact way I was feeling and how I was coping with the death of my dad. She said things only my dad would say. At one point during the reading she said just how much my dad adored my husband. He truly did. My dad (and my family) has known my husband since he was 6-years-old. He has always been a part of our lives.

My dad and my husband were extremely close and had many inside jokes. Sam said that my dad was telling me that my husband adores me just as my dad adored my mom; that he is and will always be an excellent provider … as long as I didn’t spend all of his money. That made me laugh so hard. My dad always told my husband that he could never tell me no but that my husband just had to learn to tell me no. It was their joke that I would one day spend all of his money.

Sam then said my dad was showing her my kids; showing him with them; tucking my middle one into bed and kissing her forehead. It is exactly how he put her to sleep and the two of them had such a special bond. He looked at her as a mini version of myself. I wanted him to show Sam he was always with my kids and he did.

One of the most profound parts of the reading was when Sam asked if I was having difficulty making a decision to move from our current home. I said yes. She asked if it was because I wanted to take something with me that people don’t usually take with them when they move and I again said yes. She said that my dad was saying not to worry about it and that I can in fact move and all I had to do was put whatever it was that I wanted in a buyer’s clause. I have been struggling with the idea of moving out of the home we have outgrown because my dad helped so much with remodeling it. But most importantly, he planted every bit of landscape in my yard and I just can’t seem to part with it. I look at it and I think of him and it brings a smile to my face remembering how hard he worked making my home look beautiful.

For her to bring this up was just mind blowing for me.

Towards the very end of the reading, the very last thing I asked my dad to show Sam was brought up and I was completely blown away. All three things I had asked my dad to show Sam had been brought up. I never once told Sam what I was expecting from my reading. I never told her what I had hoped to get out of it or that I was looking for specifics. She just knew going into the reading that I was having an incredibly difficult time grieving my dad and that I had also lost my dad, my dad’s mother and my dad’s father all within a year and a half. She knew that I was sad and broken and that I was searching for some sort of comfort.

During the reading, I never once felt uncomfortable. I always felt a sense of calm and truly felt my dad comforting me. I walked in with very low expectations. My biggest fear was that I so desperately wanted to talk to my dad one last time that I would believe anything Sam said just because I wanted to believe it was my dad. I know for a fact Sam had contact with my dad. There is no possible way that anyone would just know any of this about my life and about my dad. I left the reading feeling a bit more at peace. Although it doesn’t bring my dad back, it does give me comfort knowing that my dad; one of my absolute best friends, mine and my kid’s hero, is still with me.
I woke up the next morning and walked around my yard admiring my landscape with a huge smile on my face.