You are a creation of love. Nothing more and nothing less.

When you feel unloved, it is because you are moving yourself farther away from love, your true essence, the very energy that made you.

How often do you chastise yourself?

Do you say such things to yourself as:

  • I am bad because I ate a piece of cake.
  • I am bad because I didn’t clean the house.
  • I am bad because I lied to get out of an obligation.
  • I am bad because I should have done what I was supposed to do.

This whole idea of thinking or feeling you are bad because you did not fulfill some requirement you created for yourself is absurd.

Have you ever thought to ask yourself why you do this to yourself?

The truth is, you are perfect, as is each person. The belief that you are anything less than perfect is the cause of all your distress.

It is time you redefine the meaning of perfect. The way you are using this word is a state in which you will never achieve. It is your definition of perfect that you feel you must live up to. Who you are, how you are is exactly who and how you are meant to be.

Self-Love as a Tool

The best form of self-love is being gentle with yourself. Greeting your mistakes with love and valuing them as a learning tool.

When you recognize that Life is getting to be too much, take a step back and reevaluate what is going on and look within to see how much you can handle.

Every now and then, it’s OK to cancel plans, screen your calls, leave the house a mess, not wash your hair, eat chocolate, or drink wine.

When you do such things occasionally, don’t allow guilt to settle in.

Mistakes Are OK

You will make mistakes. Making mistakes makes you no less perfect than what you are.

Mistakes are part of being human.

Some you can fix, some you can’t. Both are OK. You will learn and grow from each foible you create. And if you don’t learn it the first time, the Universe will make sure you eventually will.

There is Always a Lesson

When you are in a situation you do not approve of, there is always a lesson—something to be learned.

When you choose not to see the lesson, you will be given the opportunity, repeatedly, to find the hidden gem of wisdom inside the situation.

You must remember that everything good and bad in your life is a co-creation of you and Source—God, All That Is, the Universe, The Tao, etc.

It’s All for You

Everything that happens is always for your greatest good. When you find yourself in a sticky situation or in a painful predicament, YOU brought this into your awareness for the growth of your soul.

You, your soul, your very essence, came here, to Earth to learn, love, and grow.

Some situations may cause you to think things should be one way or another. People should be and do one way or say something different than they do.

The Sticky-Icky Shoulds 

  • “They should act differently”
  • “It should be this way”
  • “I should have done it yesterday”

There isn’t a human alive who has not uttered one or all these statements.

Any statement that contains the word should is an attempt to make a lesson into an ideal situation for your comfort.

Rather than learning what you need to from a situation by using the word should, you trap yourself in a vacuum where one should attracts another should then another and another.

This only breed disappointment upon disappointment because you are waiting for things to fit into your ideal instead of realizing they are just as they are meant to be; as you are meant to be—perfect.

How would your life look if you took the word should out of your vocabulary?

Acceptance is the product of removing the word should from your vocabulary. Peace always follows acceptance. With peace comes calm. With calm, you can see how you are perfect.

You discover the inner power that lives deep within you.

You remember how loved you are. You remember you are a perfect creation of love. You love, accept, and forgive yourself. Then, you love, accept, and forgive others with more ease.

You are loved. You are loved more than you could imagine. Love is in every cell in that magnificent body of yours. Do not forget, you are a creation of love, simple as that.

I ask, how can you do anything wrong when you are loved in such a way?