Are We Experiencing Division or Duality?

Have you thought for a moment that as we experience what we call “division” is actually duality?

The unhealed and over-exemplified wounds of each “side” purging. Each individual has a choice to go within and walk through each corridor, face their own shadows.

Many of the shadows emerging from the collective are cloaked in so much darkness from years, decades of repressing unprocessed wounds from listening to the ego and seeking comfort. The search for comfort ends in an illusion; a world created by those benefiting from the lies we tell ourselves.

The Comfort of Fitting In

The comfort of fitting in and doing the right thing according to the consensus of the crowd erases our tracks from journeys once ventured. As we lost our way and forget where we come from, we look for a place to belong and seek others who are akin to what we experience in the current status of our life. A community where people are like us and accept us. A group. A place we fit in. Somewhere to get lost as to not stand out.

The problem is, there isn’t anyone like us and as we find places we fit in, if we choose to commit to doing our soul work, with each stage of soul evolution, we no longer fit. We seek for others yet again, trapped in the cyclical pattern of seeking to belong somewhere forgetting how precious it is to be who we are. We each embody our own unique soul personality that with effort and focus develops over time. While we are all one and connected, we are individuals. We are made with divine intention to bring our own flair to the world through living our soul’s mission. When we get lost in the crowd, we lose sight of this and forget we are born of the cosmos, merely visiting here.

Our Soul is a Mosaic Designed By God

The awakening to one’s self occurs when all pieces of the design are honored and revered as sacred. A mind that is lost in a trap sees the broken pieces as less than perfect. When we see anything inside of ourselves as less than perfect we allow ourselves to drop to depths where we lose our connection to God. When we are living in this space, we search for God only to arrive at a fork in the road.

We can either travel through hell (the unknown shadows of our soul) to deep inner soul work where we weld together the broken pieces OR walk down the path more traveled, paved by those of the earth promising you security and comfort, land of the ego.

In our attempt to find ourselves, we either see what we want to be in others and join them or we see our true selves, as we are and invite God into our life. God will enter whenever we ask. Going within, seeking the Master Within, we seek God.

God is Freedom

God is love. God will never trap you for God made each one of us as the manifestation of the cosmos on Earth so He may experience the Earth realm through each individual. To walk with the crowd is to abandon God for you when you do, you exchange your individuality, the very uniqueness is to abandon God for you exchange your individuality for conformity – the very uniqueness that you were gifted; your talents, your gifts, your purpose, everything that makes you stand out. Everything to help you be seen so that you may be the full expression of God rather than of man and those who create the hive mind think tanks in order to pursue the goals of those in power.

“As we acquire knowledge of the true self, and as we work to quiet the restless waters of our petulant emotions we arrive at a state of imperturbability. Veil after veil will be removed. The once apparent differences among our brothers and sisters will no longer exist. Unity of mind and soul will be demonstrated. In harmony with this reality, all become as one, as we are meant to be. Our realization of oneness blends with oneness of God; yet we maintain our ‘individuality’ within the Mind of God that surpasses all human understanding.” -Lonnie C. Edwards

The Duality, the Coin of Earth

The duality is those who know they belong to the Cosmos, to God, and those who seek the comforts of Earth, frightened of what they may find if they choose to walk down the corridors of their soul and see the shadows they see in others exist within them as well.

The division we are experiencing is faith vs. fear disguised as a battle of the sleeping masses. Fear is essentially a lack of faith.  Faith leaves no room for the ego or the emotions drawn from the ego mind.The ego needs labels and justice for perceived wrongs against oneself. The ego, when not utilized properly, seeks a home on Earth. Faith is the seat of the soul.

The more one practices faith, the closer to God one becomes.

Faith allows the individual a right to their own life, the opportunity to live freely. As one learns the inner workings of their own soul and sees the divine design within, the soul sits upon a throne. The ego becomes the advisor, yet the soul only answers to God.

The veils of illusion become apparent and the soul experiences the reality for which it came to Earth to create. A land of the free dictated by God, not man. Those who seek to gain immense earthly pleasures, wealth of the land benefit greatly from keeping the veils intact. Seeking to keep the minds trapped, creating enemies in humans who seek to wake up the sleeping masses from their media induced comas. The powers that be create a fake utopia and gather as many as they can to push ideas that speak to the soul, but keep the minds right where they want them. Essentially, this utopia is another veil, another illusion sold as reality.

Now those who aren’t buying it are the dangerous ones, the other side of the coin.

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2 thoughts on “Are We Experiencing Division or Duality?

  1. I know this is true, I wrote about this struggle and this describes it, what I experienced. I could never fit in, even though I almost destroyed myself trying. It wasn’t until I wrote Snowblind Friend, that I found out that I wasn’t supposed to.

    1. I am really looking forward to reading Snowblind Friend! I have come to accept, when we don’t fit it, it is because we were meant to stand out. The moment I embraced my “weirdness”, I fell in love with myself and realized, I’m so weird after all, I just see the world differently.

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