We are often told that we are given one body.

If we have only this one body, and most of us plan on keeping it for a long time, it is a wise decision to take very good care of our physical and our emotional health.

Well-Being, To Be Well

When you neglect your body and fill your mind with too many thoughts that are not serving your highest good, your mental and physical health begin to suffer.

When you fill your mind with self-limiting beliefs and affirm negative emotions to be your truth, you are doing a great disservice to your well-being.

Limiting Beliefs

Think about the times you experience a lack of health. What words to you choose to say and think?

If the flu or another virus is going around, do you say things such as, “It’s going around.” “Everyone at work is sick.” “It’s bad this time of the year.”

These statements are self-limiting beliefs. By saying statements as these, your mind starts to believe it and then sends signals to your body. Though separate, your mind and body are connected. Your body responds directly to your mind. The trillions of cells that make up the body act on their own cognizance when it comes to well-being.

The Entity We Call the Body

Your physical body is its own entity. It will do whatever it needs to do to survive regardless of what you do and don’t do. The physical body has its own intelligence separate from your mind. Your body delivers signals to your mind when it needs rest, food, or pleasure. This is the mind-body connection at play.

When these signals are received by your mind, you give your body what it needs. You sleep, eat, and have fun.

Imagine all the possibilities of what could happen when your mind begins to deliver signals to your body.

Systems of Intelligence

You were created with a system of pure intelligence, a system that never rests and will never stop working unless it is defeated completely—your immune system.

Your immune system is greatly affected by your actions and lack of action as well as which words you choose to use. Your mind is in complete control of the healing powers available to you from your immune system.

When you say or think things such as, “I radiate health, I am healthy” “my immune system is strong” “I embody well-being”, you are sending messages to your physical body. These positive statements carry with them, healing energy which further strengthens your immune system therefore creating more well-being.

You—Your Mind 

Your thoughts and words carry manifesting power that affects you, your body, your health, your mind, and the world around you. When you do not take notice of your thoughts, and you allow a negative thinking pattern to take over your mind, you create a blockage.

When your body holds within it, blockages—areas where energy cannot freely move—these blockages will manifest into bigger problems. These may be physical problems such as illness, back pain, digestive issues, disease.

When there is pain or illness in your physical body, it is time to examine the imbalances you are creating in your life. It is also wise to see if you are repressing emotions.

For every repression of a painful emotion, a blockage is incarnated. Your soul, your essence—you, who you truly are, does not want to repress this emotion. Your soul begs for this to be released by using your body and sending signals to your mind in the form of pain or illness.

Time to Release

The only way for this to be released is for you to face it. Heal it. In order to do so, you must seek the answers within the blockage.

For instance, when someone says, “A weight has been lifted of my shoulders,” there is a lightness felt. What usually takes place before a person says this is, they feel they are carrying the weight of the world. They are doing too much and carrying too much stress.

When you are stressed, you carry it in your neck. This stress is then manifested into physical pain and aches, resulting in a blockage, which then doesn’t allow you to move freely, trapping you into thinking about the pain and creating a negative thought pattern around this.

This is true for majority of the ailments people are burdened with. Your body has a story to tell and it will not hold back when it is not in its natural state of peace and well-being.

One House, Two Bodies

Your being is one house for these two energies—your physical body and your emotional body, each controlled by you and your thoughts. You are in control of your thoughts, you have the power and the ability to heal yourself simply by using your mind.

Just as when a person in a family catches a virus and it can spread to another and another in the shared house, your physical and emotional energy bodies act the same way. When one vibrates at a low frequency, it begins to pull the other to its level. This is inevitable. This is how you suffer ailments.

The Quick Fix

The ideal solution is to be aware of your body and what it is trying to tell you. The sooner you become aware of symptoms, the quicker you can get ahead of them before they become full blown.

When you are about to catch a cold, you are given warning signs. When you heed these warnings, your recovery time is cut down. A cold is an example of an imbalance of energy. An imbalance of energy is a reminder that you have gone off course and it is time to reexamine what your physical and emotional body need.

The answers are within. They can be found in the blockages. When the blockage is removed and the energy is free flowing once again, you will experience a peace of mind and clarity. You will have better rest, more energy, and well-being.