Do You Wake Up at 3 A.M?

  • Do you frequently wake up around 3am?
  • Have you wondered why it is always at 3am?
  • Would you like to stop waking up in the middle of the night?
  • Do you want to know why you wake up at 3am?

Some people refer to 3am as the “witching hour”. A more popular opinion is that at 3am, the “veil” between the two worlds, the one you currently live in and the other side (the fourth dimension, the ethereal realm, spirit world) is at its thinnest. Supernatural activity is higher and more accessible.

But, this can be annoying if you really need the sleep and you aren’t interested in communicating with the spirit realm because you’d rather be sleeping. I’m going to tell you how you can stop this middle of the night interruption.

But, first, I want to share with you why are waking at 3am.

Between 3-4am, as stated earlier, the “veil” between the two worlds is thinning allowing your spirit guides to better communicate messages with you. A spirit guide is a spirit on the other side who guide you towards your highest good. There is a message, a sign, you are meant to see that during your waking hours you are not paying attention to.

This is also a time where connection with your Higher Self (the Divine You) is optimal.  You may also be experiencing a spiritual awakening and your guides are able to give you more information, more “downloads” at this time than they are during the day.

This is an opportune time for the spirit world to connect with you. You are closest to this realm at this time of day than any other time of day. You are being woken physically so you can be woken spiritually.

Get More Restful Slumber When the Spirit World Beckons

In order to receive more concise and clear messages from your spirit guides you need to work on centering yourself during the day. The more calm you are and the fewer thoughts you generate, there will be more room for the messages to enter. I have always found practicing mindfulness throughout the day helps me to stay centered.

Start paying attention to the symbols and synchronicity in the the world around you. Do you notice a particular insect hanging around your home or a wildlife animal visiting? Was a particular book or movie mentioned to you again and again? Do you keep hearing the same song on the radio that you haven’t heard in a long time? Are the same numbers always showing up (ex. 111, 222, 333)? Did you run into someone who you have been thinking about?

These are all signs from the Universe and your guides. They all have significant meaning. The more you pay attention, the more you will receive. The more you follow these leads, the more sleep you will receive.

Or,  You Can Stay Awake

“The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you, do not go back to sleep, do not go back to sleep.” – Rumi

Now, if you really don’t mind being up at 3am, I welcome you to take advantage of this time to dive deep into the spirit realm and practice strengthening your intuition and spirit communication skills. Here’s how to begin:

  1. Take three deep breaths or so and relax.
  2. As you lie awake, place your palms face up on your sides. This signifies that you are ready to receive.
  3. Continue to breathe deeply and concentrate on your breath.
  4. When you feel ready, ask, “What am I to know, see, or learn?”
  5. TRUST! Trust any impression that comes to you.
  6. Journal your impressions, feelings, and thoughts about your experience.
  7. Make sure you thank your spirit guides and loved ones for the message. You will receive more with gratitude.

More than a Phenomenon

This “witching hour” dates back thousands of years and has undergone multiple interpretations. I guarantee, if this is happening to you, there are messages waiting for you to hear. The more you center yourself and relax, the more messages will come your way. When you are able to sleep through the night, you can rest assured you are on the right path. This doesn’t mean you won’t wake again at 3am. But, the more it happens, the better you will be at deciphering the messages.


*This whole post is based on my personal experience. Please feel free to share your experience below in the comment section. By sharing, we learn more.



31 thoughts on “Do You Wake Up at 3 A.M?

  1. Thank you for your valuable inputs. Since years I am getting up exactly at 3am and don’t know what to do about it. I hope I will be able to make positive changes after reading your suggestions.

    1. I’ve been waking up at 3 am or 3-somethung since we moved to our new home, the first two nights, I slept great but since then, I wake up EVERY SINGLE morning at this time. I am a Christian, I am also in end stage kidney failure, so I am very tired & need the sleep, I tried burning a sage bundle to see if that would help me, but it hasn’t. I haven’t had anything “freaky” or strange happen since we’ve moved but this waking up at 3,3-something is just odd & knowing it’s “the witching hour” just freaks me out. Thank you for the article, found it while Googling about waking during the witching hour.. If anyone has any suggestions that’s might see this, I’d appreciate the help. Thank you for all the back story information, I appreciate it!

      1. Hello Regina, I would suggest that you do another type of space clearing if you have not found saging helpful for i.e. perform a salt burn which is another type of space clearing and one that I highly recommend to my clients as it helps to remove any non-beneficial energy. I would also suggest diffusing 100% therapeutic essential oils to help you sleep through the night i.e. Lavender, Peace & Calming, Cedarwood. I only recommend using Young Living essential oils as I feel that they are the best on the market. Do not diffuse the oils that you find in the grocery store and never burn any essential oils. I hope you have found this helpful and I will send you some Reiki Healing. Take care, Trish John/Feng Shui Practitioner

        1. I have on occasion thru out my life woken up several or more nights in a row at 3:00am or right around that general time. I never knew or know what it meant besides the stuff from spooky movies so I always just tried to go back to sleep as fast as I could. Maybe I’ll try and use some of what I learned. I just don’t want to accidentally invite any negative beings or bad luck to me. If anyone could tell me how to as best as I can to not attract any negative entities etc… I would love to investigate and try to see if there are some messages from beyond awaiting me. Thanks!!!

          1. I always pray before I enter into the Ether. I pray for protection and light. I go into it with the intent of listening for myself. I don’t go into looking to gather information unless it is for the expansion of my own consciousness. We can set boundaries and shut any door at any time. I ask Archangel Micheal to watch over me and protect me. I hope that helps.

      2. Hi Regina,
        I think I was meant to read your post and guide you to go to, and once you’re there look under, success stories and type “End Stage Renal Failure” and see what you learn. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. I also think this will solve your waking up issues and many others. Hoping you the best heath.

  2. I have been waking up at 3 am for about 2 weeks now. This also started when i began to sleep in my bed room. Previously i would sleep in the living room with my dogs. But what happens is when i wake up i would go to straight to the kitchen have something to munch a glass of water and then back to bed. Does this still have connection with my spirit guides?

  3. I have been waking at that time recently I would like to figure out if it is a higher purpose or some 4th dimension connection

  4. Its been happening for 10 months now. Before not so annoying now its driving me crazy. I feel a heavy presence, it approaches and then backs away. Keeps me up until 4 or 5. I sit up and wonder what kind of spirit is it. Should I be afraid. Prayer makes it stronger. Im confused.

    1. I wake up at 3 a.m. just about every single night! I can’t wait to try this and see how it works for me thank you for all the info very grateful.

  5. My father recently past away and since then I have been waking up at 3am or 301am . My family thinks I’m nuts . But I know it’s my dad trying to tell me something . Can you help me ?

    1. i do believe that is your father, maybe he’s trying to tell you that one of your lioved ones is next, but i don’t know that..i recommend u to pay attention to your arounding and see if anything seems off and try to make it like a puzzle, or you could also forget about it and go back to sleep every night..maybe letting something bad happen when u could have done something. do what u want

  6. I wake up around this time a lot, for years, but only since I’ve lived in this particular house. It is an old house, I don’t know if that affects my thinking on the matter. I live near a railway line but although I awake as though someone has shouted, the house and neighbourhood are completely quiet. Sometimes on waking I have the sensation of being choked which is very unsettling. I’ll try some of the suggestions in this article, hopefully it may give me some answers.

  7. I have recently been staying at my mom’s house for the past few months I recently moved into my moms from my ex’s because my 3am dreams were of my ex cheating an I asked her on time when waking up an she was awake if she wanted to still be with me answer being no i moved put the next morning. Any way now I’m at my mom’s an have been waking up at 3 more nights than not and I have had a older brother I loved an idolized committed suicide a few years ago an my mom nor my brothers or I have fully healed from the lose but I have been have a feeling more an more it’s him waking me I love your journal idea an asking when ready what am I to learn I’m going to try this maybe tomorrow night cuz I’m ready for more sleep tonight any way thank you for this post,
    with love Jesse Nez

  8. I tried the method you mentioned and while doing it i felt like i was becoming unconscious and my body shivered and my window curtain that was open closes immediately thats shit scares me! I dont know if i will try this again.

  9. Since I was little I always woke up at 3am sometimes 3:30am, sometimes my brothers and sisters were telling me that I was speaking in my sleep around that time but didn’t connect until now I Still wake up at the same time

  10. Another very informative post from you. I do frequently wake up between 3 and 4 am. I will try the exercise you shared, I want to know and see messages. Once in a while I will see shadows in the dark and they appear to be side profiles of people. Old, weathered, very wrinkled people, almost gargoyle in appearance. It does frighten me so I close my eyes and try to get back to sleep. I know this must sound strange, but I do believe it is not my imagination. Thank you for providing me with food for thought!

  11. I am definitely going to try this… its been happening since the passing of my Grandmother whom was the middle center of my life. Going for 2 weeks now. Thank you for the advice.

  12. I have been experiencing this throughout my life. Sometimes I remember other times I don’t will definitely try the journaling. I don’t always sweat most times I feel like I have a fever. Think meditation is a good thing to start practising. Thanks for the Information.

  13. This has been happening to me for a few weeks now. May 18, 2019 my Father suddenly passed. This has been a reoccurring situation for me since then. I miss him so much! There are times when I feel myself almost crying physically in my dreams but I know I am still asleep. I feel myself speaking and yet again I am still asleep. This seems to happen almost 3:30 on the dot. I will try your suggestion in hope it can figure out what he is trying to say. Thank you for your guidance.

  14. I could never understand why I woke so often and ALWAYS!!! Just after 3am. I am extremely spiritual and after reading this article it makes sence. I have felt a presence around me all my life but this is diffrent!! My partners nan past December 2019 and ever since I feel a push or a nudge in direction I would never normally go. Always ends well and happy to have her around. WE LOVE YOU NAN AND THANKS FOR HELPING ME HELP MARK EVEN IF I DON’T GET IT RIGHT ALL THE TIME XXX.

  15. this month i have like more than 5days waking up exactly 3:19am..2days in s row then third day it was at 3:22 then it happend more and more even today at exactly 3:19 and when i woke up i said to my say if is 3:19am exactly in gonna feint and true when i check time is 3:19am im so confused and scared whats going on like more than 5days i think is 7time happening this month and it scares me

  16. Today was the first time after a long time that I slept until five.
    Thank you for the guidance and education.

  17. i have woken up at 3 AM before this it was just 4AM or 5AM or maybe 6AM i was not worried but it keeps going down, and when i wake up nothing feels real..its so weird, i tried the contacting thing but i just don’t get it, on how it works..i just lost everything 30 people of my old class ill never see ever again out of nowhere and at first i diddent even feel anything but now it all comes to me I’LL NEVER EVERRR SE THEM EVER AGAIN is this maybe a reason why im waking up? is something bad going to happen? is it helping me? or warning me? can u help me?

  18. When I subscribed I went to my mail and saw the name I keep seeing I was so shocked I will try this and see if I get any messages I’ll be strong good night

    Thank You

  19. I tried it today couldn’t receive the message how do I do it do I meditate after or before ?
    I need to sleep I feel so tied every day eyes pains so much too

    1. Don’t try so hard. Don’t place expectations as to what you want to receive looks or sounds like. Let it go. Sometimes, we receive a sign and it makes no sense, then all of a sudden we are in the kitchen, doing dishes and a light bulb goes off. Allow.

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