Emancipation from Mental Slavery

The mind is either our master or our slave.

“Mindfulness” originates from the sanskrit word, smṛti which translated means: that which is remembered.

The Western take on mindfulness has been skewed and the New Age community has perverted it into simplicity. When we dive deep into the idea of that which is remembered, we may find ourselves seeing our memory through hindsight or different from reality. Our memories, how we remember certain events and situations are never exactly as they occurred as they are the translations and interpretations of our mind and its current place in the expansion of our soul and personal development. We each create a reality based on our current beliefs and ideas of the world. If the emotional response is intense enough, we may find ourselves holding onto our particular version as truth, when in fact it is merely a creation of our mind.

With intense emotions, we become a slave to our mind as we fuel the ego with the energy it craves to stay in charge.

A mindful awareness of our emotions opens the door to a remembrance, but not one in which we may have grown accustomed to conjuring up in our past. A remembrance of our soul, that we are in fact living through a human experience and the world is merely a stage donned by illusions. As we broaden our awareness to the vast world around us, seek more than which makes us comfortable, peer deep within the dark caverns of our soul, we remember this truth. Through remembering, we gain the momentum to walk into the light and are therefore in charge of our mind.

Our minds, the greatest gifts bestowed onto humanity, are the most powerful tools here on planet earth and anyone who has something to gain through control will either dupe you into believing the contrary or do everything possible to trap the minds. The willing, though they do not know, are the easiest targets and the strongest soldiers in the army of those who seek to dominate through mind control by flowing blissfully on a raft through a stream of ignorance. We have all been there since this has been a coup of most egregious sinister motives played by those who have been betrothed to a family of power.

The weapons, so enticing that open eyes are blind to the manipulation and falsehoods buried subliminally, programming those who inundate themselves with what is before them.

The human mind, after age seven loses most of its elasticity and openness to the vast world around it. Repetition, memorization becomes the way for learning, programming, and desensitization. When the mind, past seven, is shown the same thought, process, stream of words over and over, this becomes a part of the brain, enslavement really since now what is spoken, acted, and brought forth into the world is no longer part of who the soul was, but who those in control want to the soul to be. We see this in the mainstream media, religious organizations, cults, identity politics, sports teams etc. Anything where a person belongs and feels they are a part of.

Deep inside all of us is a desire to belong to something. We are not meant to be nomads walking the earth endlessly without purpose, yet, we are driven daily to see the world as a terror filled playground full of deceit and our fellow citizens of the world as enemies rather than our brothers and sisters of the Cosmos. This is where mindfulness, a breaking free of the paradigm of the physical world we remember the blueprint written within our souls of who we are at our core and from where we hailed.

When we know who we are, who we are when we are not on stage or playing a role, putting on a show, selling ourselves to the world, we realize we belong to God and the instructions of heaven are written within our hearts.

We stop our search for answers found in others, but seek the community of spirit to inspire us to our true nature. We break free from the systems which profit from our time, energy, information, and attention. We support people financially who are actively building a better world than those who profit from tearing us apart. We write the words we wish to read, we speak in prayers so those who hear our voice feel the energy of God. We close the TV screen and open our third eye to the wisdom of the Divine. We open books are immerse ourselves in the worlds created by free minds who found the freedom within. We take only what we need and reduce our consumption of excess.

We give our ego a vacation, allow it to rest and open the doors to our soul so we may see the illusions for what they are and remember how powerful we are.

Social media, streaming services, news channels, online pundits all benefit from trapping and enslaving the minds of us all. Not all are aware and most find more ways to benefit. We may think we are free, we may think we are strong enough to be unbiased. If this were true, we never would have allowed the division inside of humanity to happen to the degree in which we are living.

Resilience is needed to to emancipate yourself.

Be mindful of who you are dependent upon and find ways in which you can reclaim your sovereignty from those who seek to control, manipulate, and destroy humanity. 6,700 people collectively own $50 trillion of the world’s wealth. These oligarchs and technocrats are protected by laws that grant them immunity to act out their insidious enslavement. But, we, as a population of billions have the power to stop feeding the machine and emancipate ourselves from the mental binds they have placed on our minds.

Which social media platforms are you supporting? The very ones censoring free thought and speech? Are you afraid to leave? Anything that you cannot walk away from owns you. In the world of technology, they own your mind. With a desire and a will, there is always a way and the solutions are bountiful if you are willing to be uncomfortable for a moment.

Here’s a list of apps, services, and ideas in which I choose to support of those who are creating a free world for free minds

  • Deezer instead of Spotify
  • Rumble and GabTV instead of YouTube
  • Minds, Gab, Telegram, Clouthub instead of Zuckerberg Inc.
  • Buy from stores online instead of Amazon. You may have to wait an extra two days, but that business will receive more revenue and more sustainability
  • Make and grow your own food. I buy a lot of my food from online health food stores. Buy from local farms and small businesses before big box stores.
  • Buy from your country of origin, majority of our clothing, technology, household items are made under slave labor in China, Vietnam, and the Philippines. They will continue their crimes against humanity as long as the demand is alive and well.

Emancipate yourself and reclaim your power. Anchor resiliency into your life. At your core, the truth of who you are is SOVEREIGN.

If you are interested in assistance and guidance while you embark on your journey of shadow work, self-discovery, or perhaps assistance in the Akashic Records, it would be my honor and privilege. Click here to set up an introductory phone call to schedule something. Spaces are limited as I am only working with a few clients at this time.

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