Five Ways to Get to Know Yourself…Again

If you haven’t noticed already, you aren’t the same person who started this year. You may have lost friendships perhaps gained some in their place. The world is shifting and we are all changing in ways that can leave us feeling lost and lonely, especially when we struggle to recognize ourselves.

Somewhere along your journey, you made the intent to shift into a higher consciousness, to improve your life, to get excited about living. While that sounds splendid and absolutely lovely, the package this new life comes in isn’t always wrapped beautifully. As you unpack it, you’ll find mixed emotions and situations that leave you seeking answers.

Right now, this time is about YOU!

Your new life feels tricky until you get to know who you are. Once you find yourself, you’ll never be lost again. So let’s talk about some ways in which you can bridge the gap from the old you to who you are now.

1. Redefine Your Values

As you change, your values do as well. Things you once found important, no longer are. You may have noticed your interests have changed and this spills into other areas of your life. As your values change, so do your behaviors and this can often times lead to a loss of relationships. You will find you have less in common with people who matched your values.

Spend some time reflecting about what is important to you right now. After what I call, “the great pause”, you may have discovered quality time with your family is more of a priority or you may have realized how important more time in solitude is needed. Perhaps the distance created between you and certain people was beneficial and you realized you need more space, or you could discovered the opposite.

2. Get to Know Your Personality

Oftentimes, we judge ourselves based on what other people think or how validated we feel by others. If you are seeking validation outside yourself, it’s time you break that habit and fall in love with yourself by getting to know who you are.

  • What traits do you like about yourself? Dislike?
  • What are you good at? Where could you improve?
  • What is your sense of humor like?
  • Are you finding yourself more introverted? Less?
  • How would you describe yourself to a stranger?
  • What are your strengths? Your weaknesses?

Spend some real time, a few hours a week learning about yourself. The more you learn about yourself, you’ll find yourself falling in love with you. Keep asking yourself these questions until you feel a deep sense of appreciation for who you are.

3. Love The House of Your Soul

Your physical body is perfect. No, really it is. There may be attributes you wish you can change and some of them you can. You came to Earth with a mission. Your soul has a message, a voice and it needs a vehicle to fulfill its purpose. How could you think less of the very mechanism, picked by your soul (yes, you picked your body shape, hair color, and genetics) is anything short of perfect.

Poor body image is a concept of the ego mind. Our society has inundated us since our youth about everything we are not so they can sell us an image of what they find to be perfect. This goes against the standards of the Universe. The thoughts that make you hate your thighs or wish your body was anything than it is do not belong to you, but are implants from the matrix.

4. Journal

Dedicate at least 30 minutes first thing in the morning to writing your thoughts and feelings. I suggest the morning time because upon waking, your consciousness is between two state – dreaming and awake. It is here where your subconscious mind has an opportunity to dump itself out onto the paper and free up space in your mind. Some days you may just want to dump out your thoughts, others you may reminisce with a memory, sometimes you may even get creative and write a short story.

Whatever you do, integrate this into your morning ritual to remove your subconscious blocks and allow yourself to be seen by you.

5. Do Something to Please Your Inner Child Each Week

Your inner child is the key to unlocking your inner wisdom. When we embrace our inner children, we able to feel more human, be more present, and enjoy the human experience more often.

Color in a coloring book, throw a dance party in your kitchen and slide around the floor with some socks, pick dandelions and make wishes, paint, draw, sing into a hairbrush in the bathroom, watch a movie from your youth. Play.

Be gentle and kind to yourself in the awkwardness of getting to know yourself again.

As you continue to shift and expand our consciousness, spend some time figuring out who you are. What do you want to do with your life moving forward? What type of person do you want to be? Spend some time learning about subjects that interest you.

Continue to open yourself to this new awareness. Your intuition will strengthen. You may notice that what once interested you is no longer does, foods you crave have lost their appeal, fewer people understand you. You are not the same person anymore the very second you become aware of the shift of consciousness taking place within. It’s OK to let go of that version and be who you are now.

As you become more comfortable with yourself, you will notice your manifestations happen at a faster pace. This too will manifest the New Earth for the collective. Stay in your peace, be true to yourself, and love every inch of that body that houses your soul.

If you are interested in working one on one with me to receive guidance and direction in your journey, it would be my absolute honor. Book your appointment today.

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