George Bailey Broke the Matrix—It Really Is a Wonderful Life

Every interaction is impactful. Some we see the effects, others we feel, but majority of our impact on the outer world is not seen or felt. Life is never about perfection or getting it right all the time. Being righteous doesn’t mean that you never sin, never feel negatively, never make mistakes. No, righteousness is about living in your true self, fulfilling your potential, taking responsibility for your life and your health, being the absolute best version of yourself, competing only with the person you were yesterday, always looking at yourself for ways to grow…..the expansion of your soul.

Faith is not this invisible feeling, it’s an energy of security. Security brings us peace; we know we are carried even when the waters are rocky, we know our boat will safely get us to shore. Jesus slept on the boat while his disciples worried. That’s because Jesus knew that even if the boat crashed, there is always a way. That’s what faith is. Not trying to figure out the how or focus on what the journey and its end looks like. It’s knowing that deep within you is the same power and strength from the very one who created you.

There is no one in this world that can live your life for you. It’s YOUR life! What you do or don’t do is all on you.

In “It’s a Wonderful Life,” George Bailey fails to see the perfect life he created because some outside force (Big Banker) is constantly trying to take him down. His character is a wonderful man filled with principles who sacrificed all his dreams to do what is righteous in his mind and in alignment with his soul.

Mr. Potter, the antagonist who today would represent big banking systems schemes and tempts George, using pure ego to get ahead. Bailey cannot be bought, but he reaches a moment where he believes with his whole being that he is worth more dead than alive because his whole focus, his mission (small, local bank) was money. He finds himself in a hole he can’t figure out how to climb out of and chooses to end his mortal life so his family can cash in on his life insurance.

Now, he fails to ask his family what they would rather have, bills paid or a living husband and father. An angel intervened and shows Bailey the lives he impacted since his childhood by creating a world without George Bailey. George sees his mother, his wife, how many people, including his brother are not alive because was never born. The suffering of others because George was not there to impact their life.

At the end, he chooses his life and accepts the financial burdens he is facing. He saw for himself the meaning of life is not perfection and everything working out the way you want it to. It’s about getting knocked down and standing back up. Knowing you’re not alone in this world, even if people leave you, your spiritual team and God are waiting to carry you, you just have to ask.

We can get so wrapped up in the throes of life and exhausted by dodging the rocks and boulders wailed at us that we forget ourselves and our true essence. Nothing in life in permanent. Your children age with each rise of the sun. They will never be little after they grow up. Each night as you kiss your significant other, you are one day closer to the end of your earthly bond. You, are one day older with each rise in the morning, one day closer to your mortal end.

Each day, regardless of what is peppered into it is a gift for as long as you have breath in your lungs, you still have a purpose on this planet.

Soak up the rays of the sun. Listen to the words the afternoon breeze tickles into your ears. Build a snowman, get into a water balloon battle, feel the grass between your toes. Stop taking everything so seriously and live your life.

We have no control over the events of the world except in how we react to them. Our reaction has an impact far greater than we realize because our energetic response from our emotional reaction attracts and pools with the same energy. If we respond with fear, we gather up and place our energy in with those who are fearful. We are responsible for the growth of this collective energy. The same is true for the opposite side of the coin. When we stand in faith and choose to be mindful of our energy and with intent, direct it where we feel we can and will have the most impact, we can move mountains because we are feeding the very energy of love, humanity, and creation.

By no means do we turn a blind eye to the ongoings of our world; it’s imperative to be educated. We need to be mindful of the source in which we are getting our information from. There is always an agenda in the heart of every pundit. Not all are bad, but for majority, the size of their livelihood is directly related to the size of their audience. Fear is contagious just as all energy is, but fear is the easiest trap to fall into because fear is a creature of the ego and the ego is what keeps us in our human form. The ego can be trained, but first it must be limited to what it is fed.

Feed it with empowering thoughts and bright visualizations if the future. Teach it to observe and not allow your soul to absorb the energy from others. Teach it to work FOR you. When your mind is working against you, it no longer belongs to you. Feed your soul with the present moment. Life is lived in the present. It’s literally all we have and each fleeting moment can never be relived again except in our mind. Cherish the moments of each day. Leave fear to the devil and stand in your peace.

The results of life may not be what you wished or planned for, but, with knowledge comes power and with power you can create your dreams into a reality.

May we find the souls who wish to live in the same world we dream of. May we band together and create a world where unity is not a word thrown around, but a feeling our children know and live by. May we have the strength to create this world and may we all live fully from our soul with God in our hearts.

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3 thoughts on “George Bailey Broke the Matrix—It Really Is a Wonderful Life

  1. Wow! Thank you for this post. 🙂 I love the story of “It’s a Wonderful Life”! What keeps coming to my mind in these times of illusions and push for our vibrations to be lowered is; “Stand in Your Truth”, “Be a Sovereign Being” and “Be Heart Centered”. Love, Light & Peace to All!

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