How to Make Moon Water, The Right Way

I have been making Moon Water for years. Lately, I’ve been talking about it with people and I get the all too familiar, “what the hell are you talking about” look.

So, being the natural teacher I am, I wanted to create a post about what Moon Water is, how to make, and then what to do with it.

Before we dive in, I’d like to share with you my perspective of the Moon and why I am in love with her and all her cycles.

Moon as Feminine

The Moon is Feminine energy whereas the Sun is masculine. She represents our intuition and creativity, the rhythm of creation and time, enlightenment and shadow work. The cycles of the Moon teach us to release and invite, surrender and reflect; that we are continuous and ever-changing.

The Moon guides us to go within and encouraging us to do self-work while her energy nourishes our soul and nurtures our growth. Her dark side and light side are very telling in what we need to learn to grow.

The Two Sides of the Moon

The moon is a mirror. She reflects the shadow side of the Sun as well as the illuminating glow.

Under the New Moon (Dark side) our fears are reflected back to us. We are inspired to bring our shadows to the surface. To face all that we are hiding from ourselves and that which we cannot see.

If we are able to use the Moon as a mirror and see ourselves in her reflection, we are better able to surrender our fears and shadows, creating new space for healing and growth. This is when we invite the new in and create intentions and manifest the new into our lives. The New Moon also reminds us that it isn’t dark forever.

Under the Full Moon (Light Side) we are able to see our brilliance. The illuminating light of the moon shines equally on us all to remind us that we are to live in balance; a perfect harmony of feminine and masculine energy.

Under this magnificent light, we are better able to see our conscious selves, better guided by our Higher Selves. Reflected back to us is all our growth over the past 28 days, a vision of what’s to come, and evidence of what we are capable of doing. This is when we complete aspects of our soul work in order to start the next leg of our journey with newfound confidence.

What is Moon Water

Simply put, moon water is water that is charged under the energy of the moon.

Most of the energy on Earth is emitted from the Sun. Yet, lunar energy is extremely healing and recharges our energy fields. Lunar energy focuses on our subconscious. Giving us insights into our spirit, our Higher Self and our soul work.

When you place your water under the New Moon and Full Moon, the water is essentially filled with the energy from that particular phase of the Moon. As stated earlier, the New Moon and the Full Moon each represent different energies and the water will take on the energy of the respective phase.

How To Make Moon Water

Here’s a step-by-step guide of how to make your own Moon Water. You can do this with as much water as you have containers for.

  1. Grab as many containers as you wish to use. Glass is preferable. I love half gallon Mason jars.
  2. Fill the containers with drinking water. Whether you prefer to use your own filtered water or water from the store, make sure it isn’t fluoridated. We have a well for our water. I use our tap water so the minerals are charged.
  3. Make sure each container is covered with its lid or cap.
  4. State an intention for the water. For instance, “I wish to release ______.” “I invite in abundance of ______.” Place your hands over each container as you say your intention out loud.
  5. Place the water anywhere outside. In the winter, I place my water outside for a few hours then put the containers in a window sill or at my patio door. The glass can break if the water freezes.
  6. I like to leave my water under the moon the day before the New or Full Moon, the day of and the day afterwards.
  7. Now you’re ready to use your Moon Water!

What to Do With the Moon Water

There are so many different ways you can use your Moon Water. Below is a list of the most common uses:

  • Drink it! You will consume the energy of the Moon Water. The Water will more than hydrate you as it will help move any stagnant energy from your body and recharge and empower you.
  • Add it to your bath. I love to do this when I am taking a cleansing salt bath. The energy from the Moon Water mixes with the energy of the salt to cleanse me and wash away whatever doesn’t serve my highest good.
  • Water your plants with it. Plants carry their own energetic force and can benefit from the energy of Moon Water.
  • Use this water to charge and cleanse your crystals. Just be sure before doing so the crystals can get wet or be submerged in water. Not all crystals can.
  • Use in your home oil diffuser. Mixed with the energy of the essential oils, the moon water will purify, cleanse and recharge the energy of your home.
  • Make tea with it. Herbal teas carry healing and soothing energy. This can be amplified with Moon Water.
  • Use it as an aura and space cleanser. Add the water to a spray bottle with a few drops of essential oil and spray the rooms of your home and create a mist around your body.

Get creative with how you use your Moon Water. Allow Spirit to guide you and trust whatever comes to you. Please leave how you use Moon Water in the comments below!


35 thoughts on “How to Make Moon Water, The Right Way

  1. Thank you for this very informative post. I have never made moon water before and plan to do so 12/12/19. If I understand correctly, we do not have well water, just regular tap water, and I cannot use this, correct? Then if I purchase from the store, do I use distilled water or spring water? I do not want to sound naive, but I just want to make it correctly. Also, is 12/12/19 new moon or full moon? Thank you!

  2. My spirit guide me to put a wide open mouth glass bowl in an open space in front of the full moon when the water reflects its lights. I imagine the water moving and dancing around my aquamarine my birthstone and going in circles moving and feeling hapoy. Wishing a year of abundance, happiness and health. Traveling and anything that you havent acomplish to move foward with The Universe Blessing me and You.

  3. I’ve never actually done this, wasn’t sure the proper ways to go about it. I’m doing it tonight! I’m excited to drink this moon water to release the stagnant energy that’s been weighing me down lately. Thanks for your help! <3 Jenna

  4. I started doing this last year. Just kinda came to me how and what to do. I collect my water from natural sources and place under the full moon ( will start doing other phases as well) and would bring it in before the sun shone on it, then I use it in my tinctures and rituals each month when honoring spirit, the elements, the goddess and gods and Gaia. Thank you for giving me more insight as to other ways to practice spiritual growth for me.

  5. Normally I put mine outside in the summer covered with a breathable cover. In winter I keep it inside where the moonlight will shine on it. However I still put breathable covers on top & haven’t set intention, which I will do now. I really should have their lids on & not a breathable cover?

  6. I haven’t made Moon water in years….I am so grateful for this article reminding me!!!!!
    Thank you,
    High Priestess Guylene

  7. Well this is interesting I have barrels that collect rain water around the home no downspouts on the eves, then I water my plants with it after it has warmed in the home, my plants do so well as tap water has chlorine in it I also put upside down wooden match sticks in the soil for the sulfur.I grew up in Manitoba on a small area new lake Winnipeg and we always used rain water for everything that is using what nature gives us!

  8. I have been putting out water for the Full Moon for many years. I follow closely the instruction you have written out and use the water on plants that are not happy, and to cleanse my apt. I havent thought of using a spray bottle. That would make things so much easier, especially when protecting my car on long trips. Thank you for posting, I’ve never seen Full Moon water online before.
    Bright Blessings

  9. Do you leave it out to be charged by the sun also or bring it in and then put it back out that night??

  10. I’m going to useit in my bath. Ive made moon water before, i just wanted to f8nd some new uses for it. I’ ve been feeling extremely nauseous for a while. So im going to use it as a cleanser.

  11. I recently made moon water from water directly out of Lake Superior. She’s the grandest lake and is special in my heart. Now I just have to decide what to do with it. It would not be for personal consumption but maybe to cleanse the house?

  12. Ooops I left my water out 3 nights the night before the full moon night and the night after and the daytime aswell so it’s infused with sun and moon what of anything does this do I havent drank or used the water yet as I wasn’t sure but now I know to only put outside in the moon and bring in before the sun comes up thanks for a great post

  13. Every time I make moon water for the past few months now there has been a weird white substance in the water each morning… Any ideas

    1. Yes, the moon is always available, even when not in sight. The energy of the phases affects the energy of the water.

  14. I made my first moon water last night. I used a large glass cooking dish with lid, thank goodness, because the water froze! I brought in an hour before sunrise. Its thawed now and room temp but still has a sharp chill to it. Im excited by the energy ! Hopefully will help with headaches and such. I will transfer to other containers for cleaning and other rituals. Love and Light

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