Is Technology Causing Us to Lose Connection to Our Soul?

We have reached a point in society where we are living more from ego than soul. It’s not entirely our fault. Every system is designed to keep us in our body and in our head rather than allowing us the space needed for the expansion of our consciousness. These systems, one could even refer to the collection of systems as the Matrix, the 3D world, have one clear intention and that is to play into our ego and supply it with the fuel needed to keep us coming back.

The ego is not necessarily a bad thing like a lot of New Age teachings make it out to be. It’s the very thing that makes us human and keeps the human race alive. It’s our definition of survival that defines the ego.

For many of us, comfort and convenience are imperative for our survival and the systems of the world have been more than happy to provide us with gadgets and technologies to play to this. If we look at generations past, it’s only natural to desire a plugged in refrigerator over an ice box. We have reached a point where our refrigerators can now speak to us and remind us when we are low on milk.

Where do we draw the line?

While it appears to be a notion of convenience to have numerous technologies that do our work for us, we are witnessing robotics and self-checkout lanes replace human beings in the workforce. You don’t even have to type your text reply, you can speak into your phone rather than calling your contact and speaking directly to them. It even starts in toys made for babies with bright, flashy lights and playful sounds and a robot teaching them to count to three rather than a human caretaker. We even have the ability to have books read to us while we complete another task rather than sitting and absorbing the information on a page.

We are blasted by advertisements telling us how much better life would be if we adopted the newest, latest craze in technology or how downloading certain apps on our phones will provide us with more ease in life. We convince ourselves that we need them and create goals to obtain them.

While the comfort of modern living is nice and cozy, it is moving us further from the sacredness of human life.

Being busy these days is a sign of success. For many, if they are not busy, running from one task to another, they aren’t quite sure how to survive. Most people spend their weekends fulfilling tasks and running errands, setting themselves up for a new week of the daily grind.

Meditation, play, creativity, self-reflection has the tendency to take a back seat because time is measured, organized into quantitative blocks. This prohibits the authenticity of the soul to emerge. In order for our true selves to be seen and expressed, we must know who we are. If we are living from ego, we are not living from soul therefore we fail to see our divinity.

All this is obtained when we pause and get in touch with our soul, get out of our heads. Time is not linear, it is infinite, endless. When we are living in our minds, playing into the systems designed to keep us out of touch with our divine selves, we fail to see time as anything but linear. We get lost in social media or games. For some it’s stimulation from binge watching tv shows or pornography. It’s all designed to keep us hooked.

From this space, judgments are born as we now view the world from the lens of the ego. We judge ourselves and others based on “shoulds.” What we should be doing instead of arguing with a stranger on a social media post or watching hours of a Netflix series. We look at others and either see how they are wasting their time and what they should be doing rather than observing them from the perspective of a mirror. If we are accustomed to a particular lifestyle, we judge others for not following suit, or ourselves for not living up to what we think we should be doing.

When we are locked into the systematic matrix of distraction, we fail to listen to the whispers of our soul. We dismiss the pure consciousness that we are.

We must challenge ourselves to have a conversation with our inner selves seated in our heart on a throne welded by our soul. This allows us to communicate with God and feel our divinity. If we do not take the time to connect with our souls, we move further away from God, from our ability to expand our consciousness and uplift the collective consciousness of humanity.

Our soul is the direct line of communication to God.

When we abandon our soul, we leave no room for the sacredness of humanity. We then choose to fill this void with the readily available stimuli of the system. We must view our body as an altar and treat it as sacred for it is the house of our soul, the vehicle used to express the universe, the very instrument God uses as expression and experience of Earth.

Throughout the Old Testament, there are accounts of people building altars to God. These were used to show God respect and to let God know the people wanted to live their lives with God i them, not edging God out. Modern times leave little room and/or space for altars and rituals. We may use items placed on our walls or end tables to remind us, or what I call my nightstand book (which happens to be Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsh). But how often we get in touch with this altar, our sacred rituals must be reflected upon if we are to make great strides of change in humanity.

If we are able to build an altar in our hearts, the very seat of our soul – our divine consciousness – we can foster a sacred spiritual practice throughout our day where our everyday routines become ritualistic, intentional, and sacred. We can return to a more sacred way of living; living from our soul, leading with our hearts and contributing to the rise in consciousness of humanity.

In order to develop these practices with more mindfulness, it behooves us to break free from the systematic matrix keeping us in our heads and return to our souls and invite our true selves to express themselves as created to be. This becomes a possibility the more presence we are able to practice, living in the moment, the place where time doesn’t exist, where our soul runs free. This egoless place where we hear the answers to our prayers and receive guidance and direction from the very part of us that holds our truth.

Being human, our humanity is God’s greatest gift. We must honor and cherish it. Defend it under the many attacks before we are merely cogs in the machine of the powers that be.

If you would like to receive guidance, working with your akashic records and holistic soul assistance, I would be honored. Email me to schedule an introductory phone call to be sure we are a good fit.

2 thoughts on “Is Technology Causing Us to Lose Connection to Our Soul?

  1. I am so thankful for your writing and words of encouragement. You are such a gift to me and I am thankful. Being reminded that I am a creation of God and to live as my true authentic self from my soul is powerful.
    Thank you for continuing your work.

    1. I am grateful for your support and to be on this journey with you. Once I started to view my life as the vehicle in which God uses to experience humanity and to express God through us, a shift happened. I still falter into my humanness and need to remind myself of why I am here, but that’s part of the process. Thank you for your kind words and your support. It truly means more than you know.

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