Meet The Soul Therapist

Meet The Soul Therapist

I am a former psychic medium. I have recently closed off my abilities to communicate with what we call the “other side.” It was a relatively easy choice that came after much clarity and insight. It was when I learned about my Master Within and a deep connection to God and a life grounded in sacredness and faith is the key to this thing we call life.

Time after time, people would come to me wanting to receive messages from their deceased loved ones and the tales from their future. I obliged because at one time, I believed since I had the abilities it was my duty to use them to help people. Over the years, I felt less than fulfilled and while several people may argue with me, I don’t believe I was living up to my truest potential nor was I obeying the command of my soul. I was giving people information that appeased the situation at hand and replacing the very key ingredients the people I was working with needed for the expansion of their soul. To realize their divinity and the sacredness of human life.

After numerous conversations with God, I realized that what I loved the most about my work with the public was when I was able to help them see for themselves the answers and how to help them gain the same knowledge I was privy to. I have been blessed to gather a small group of souls and have spent the past nine months working with them through their shadow work and soul transformation. Offering homework assignments, deep reflection, meditations, and translating the words they were trying to say but didn’t know how.

I am the guide who adds light to the already existing light within you, on your path as you travel through the tunnel of your soul seeking the shadows that are in need of healing and light. I help you interpret your map and teach you how to read the blueprints written within your soul. I am your assistant while you do the work.

I believe that we have reached a pivotal point in our humanity where it is crucial we focus on the expansion of our soul and our individual consciousness for the betterment of humanity and the healing of the collective consciousness.

So much of the New Age teachings create rhetoric around love and light yet pay no mind to action. A factor in the universal law of attraction is the law of action. It is my belief that giving people a comfortable pillow to rest their head on has assisted us in being complacent and believing that all we need is love and to shower the world in light paying no attention to our own shadows and the shadows of the world.

I view my role as an interpreter.

I went through a series of what I now call learning experiences, but at the time I viewed it as utter chaos. I walked through the fires of hell and experienced several rebirthing processes. My goal is to assist you in your growth so you don’t have to spend as much time in the pain, discomfort, and chaos. After being blessed to experience what it is like to delve deep inside another’s soul and see the pain and trauma staring back at me, I have realized that this is my destiny.

We are all in need of healing. All the dark, negative things that I have gone through and experienced are serving their purpose each time I am able to assist another soul through the dark night. Inside every crack of my soul, I have the ability to hold space for the wounded souls who are sent to me. My healed pain can cradle you and help you mend your broken pieces.

We are all one, connected; energy is everything and everything is energy. Let’s figure out the transcripts of your energetic field together.

A thousand candles can be lit by one single flame. I choose to be that flame. And if I don’t make it to a thousand, then I am thrilled nonetheless to light one!