Seven Ways to Strengthen Your Intuition

Each of us is born with intuition. It is our inner guidance system. Each person has at one time in their life said something along the lines of, “I just knew,” “Something doesn’t feel right,” “I have a gut feeling.”

Yet, so few of us recognize this God-given gift and it goes underutilized and oftentimes, ignored.

What would your life look like if you strengthened this gift? Perhaps you have always wanted to but didn’t know how. I have included seven of the most basic steps I have used to teach people over the past few years. Take your time as some steps may take longer than others. There is no order. Ask your soul, your Higher Self to guide you to which step makes sense to begin now. Please feel free to add any of your own experiences or questions in the comments. It will be my honor to assist.

Seven Ways:

1. Speak to your emotions and listen to what they have to say. We strive to feel positive emotions and have a very human tendency to ignore or suppress our uncomfortable, negative emotions. Every feeling we have carries a message and if we are willing to listen and accept the message, we not only strengthen our intuition, but gather more information about ourselves. Knowing ourselves leads to us having more faith in our daily life and we trust our abilities and our judgment more. Until we receive what it is the negative emotions we are experiencing have to say, the more cloudy our vision becomes blocking us from receiving a clear signal from our intuition. Within the emotions is a chance to learn and from this learning, we can let go of the heavy burden these negative feelings bring with them.

2. Be mindful of your diet. Your diet has a strong effect on your intuition and your ability to harness your spiritual practice. High vibrational foods (whole foods not processed) not only offer healing and a boost in energy, they clear our energetic pathways and detox our physical bodies. Our diet is not just food, but also consists of the people we keep in our space, the quality of television/movies we consume, the music we listen to, the amount of time spent on social media and/or plugged into technology, the books we read, the words we speak, the words we listen to. Everything and anything we consume and surround ourselves with makes up our diet and affects our spirituality as well as our intuition. We are the filter for what comes through the Ether and what comes out of us in terms of thoughts, words, and actions are only as pure as the filter which the energy enters.

3. Listen. The Universe is in constant communication with us and in many ways. I have always thought of meditation as the way in which we hear and receive our guidance. To listen to is slow down, pay attention, and be mindfully aware. Listen to the words you feel, but don’t hear. The voice that whispers in your ear, listen to it. The answers and guidance we seek is not going to come at us with big signs that scream. Life answers to vibrations and if we are in a calm state, we receive more clarity. You won’t hear anything unless you listen. Release your expectations of what it is supposed to look like.

4. Trust God, trust yourself. Faith is a huge factor in strong intuitive skills. To trust is to let go, to believe. It can be scary, especially at first to listen to your gut feelings. The more you act upon your intuitive calls to action, you will learn more about yourself and how your body and mind interprets the calls of spirit. My best advice here, release any expectations. If you find yourself in a precarious situation wishing you didn’t listen to your intuition, silence the ego and ask, “What am I to learn and receive?” Sometimes, we find ourselves where we are meant to be, not where we are supposed to be.

5. Heal your gut. Several studies have been conducted where it has been discovered that our emotional well-being is directly correlated to our gut health. The same place where our intuitive feelings are the easiest to discern. Some scientists refer to our gut (digestive system) as our “second brain.” It is called the Enteric Nervous System (ENS) and contains nearly 100 million neurons more than the spinal cord and peripheral nervous system. In addition to being our “second brain,” our gut health affects all of our major bodily systems. One may view it as the control board of our body.

6. Be mindful of who you allow in your space. They say you are most like the five people you hang around. We mimic social behaviors on subconscious levels. The phenomenon of the contagious yawn is a prime example of this. Those who we allow into our homes, hearts, and lives play a large role in our intuitive skills. If we are not cognizant or aware of the energies of others, we may find ourselves drained quickly. Have you lost a friend or love relationship and realize how much their absence brings you peace, yet you were unaware when they were a constant in your life? That is because as humans, we become comfortable in habitual responses to life and relationships are no different. Sometimes, we have to be removed from the environment making us sick to realize that is the factor.

7. Commit to a spiritual practice. Each one of us has our own unique soul and written within it is the blueprint to life. Our soul knows, sees, hears, and feels for us as we embark on our many journeys. We have a duty to our soul and our individual humanity to create a spiritual practice in our life where we intentionally invite in sacred moments and allow our soul to commune with God. The beauty is, it can be whatever and whenever you feel is in alignment with you. Perhaps you dedicate a certain amount of time each morning in meditation, prayer, or contemplation. Maybe it is a yoga practice where you become one with your body, spirit, and mind. Some pray with the rosary and others use Mala beads to repeat mantras. Communing with nature is a spiritual practice as well. The key is to create a practice that resonates with you. You might have to try a few things out before you discover what it is for you. Make the commitment and carve out the time each day. Rather than skipping, substitute it with something else. For example, if you wake up late and miss your morning meditation, substitute and shower meditation in its place. If you cannot make it to the trail that speaks to your soul, ground yourself in the energy of the Earth and open your heart center.

Our intuition is our inner guide and we have been under the illusion that only a small group of souls are lucky to receive and embody such gifts. It just isn’t true. Each soul has a series of spiritual gifts. The key is discovering which ones are your strengths and which ones do not resonate. Then to focus on your strengths and you will witness your intuition soar and transform itself.

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