So You’ve Had a Bad Day

I was never promised a rose garden, but I definitely grew up feeling entitled to having one.

A big part of my ever-evolving maturity has been getting over the idea that just because I was handed a few bad cards over the years doesn’t mean I am entitled to a good hand all the time. A big part of the human experience lies within the polarity that is present on Earth.

Life ebbs and flows, we all have highs and lows in our lives. Stormy periods come and the sun shines again. This is the natural order of Life. Acceptance of this fact cultivates our maturity and provides much needed peace and calm.

A while back, I was having one of those really bad days. You know the kind of day where your tiny spill of coffee spirals into a tornado of events that leads to you eventually losing something really important like your phone or car keys, perhaps your mind. The kind of day where you just can’t catch a break and you count the minutes until it’s over.

I called my best friend, just needing to be heard and seen; a touchstone. She said, “Sam, my Dad would say to me, ‘It’s just a bad day, that’s all.”

I’ve carried that sentence with me ever since.

I believed that since my childhood and teen years were so awful that when I finally made it to adulthood, I would be the master of my destiny and impose my own will on Life and everything would finally go my way.

This belief is the root cause of most of our misery in our lives.

Bad days are not moments that show up to destroy us, they are just a part of life. They are usually the manifestations of living our lives out of balance. We experience discomfort. Pain is a messenger and when we are experiencing distress, it’s a signal that we are out of alignment; our soul is asking for more balance in our life. Whatever we are doing or holding onto just isn’t working anymore.

It is during these times that if we allow ourselves to pause, to take a break, we make ourselves available to hear the soft whispers of our soul. The key is to not get to the point where the whispers turn into shouts.

To foster more peace and calm, acceptance must be a common practice. To accept means to allow things as they are, not trying to make them into something they aren’t. When we can take an honest inventory of our lives and find what we can control and let go of what we cannot control, we find our inner power and strength.

When we know what to let go and what we can change, we are granted serenity. It is in these moments that we are empowered and live our life from the viewpoint that Life doesn’t happen TO us, it happens for us.

The Universe is always communicating with you; in all ways, always. Open your mind and your heart and you will receive the messages in abundance.

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