The New Moon for May is preparing you to change up your routine.

It is simple to fall into the trap of day-to-day life and stay in a routine. It’s comfortable. It’s safe. Taurus is stubborn and very into routine. This New Moon’s energy is bringing with it new energy and a chance for you to create some good, healthy habits to incorporate into your routine.

On May 4, the energy of the New Moon will be the most powerful. This is a great time for you to set very clear intentions about what habits you want to bring into your everyday routine.

Mind, Body, Spirit

To fully embrace your spiritual side, it is crucial to care for your mind, body, and spirit. Getting wrapped up in a stagnant routine, one of these aspects is usually ignored and neglected. The New Moon will support you as this energy focuses on routine and an unwillingness to change.

Caring for Your Physical Body:

Exercise and movement are not only crucial for the health of your physical body but also the health of your energetic body. When you move, the energy inside of your body moves as well. Whatever stagnant energy leftover from periods of rest or illness is able to move freely through and out of your body with movement.

Find ways to move more. Park farther away, dance while you are cooking, chase your children, go for daily walks, take up a yoga practice. Make it fun! The more your enjoy yourself, the more you will continue.

Caring for Your Mind:

The average person thinks approximately 80,000 thoughts a day! Under periods of stress, the mind needs more time to relax, to not think.

Meditation is a phenomenal way to give your mind a break. Adequate sleep always your subconscious mind to relax and play. Doing a puzzle, crossword, or Sudoku exercises your mind.

Here’s a blog I wrote about mindful breathing.

Caring for Your Spirit:

The best way to recharge your spirit is through play! It can be difficult to find ways to play especially when the to-do list is constantly increasing. Play is crucial for the health of your spirit.

Pick up a hobby, go dancing, plan a get together, go for a hike, twirl around, laugh, color, paint, anything your find fun. Try to do something that your inner child with appreciate.

The Ritual

This ritual is designed to help you move stagnant energy from your body and for you to think of ways to create a healthy routine that supports your mind, body, and soul. Beloved, it is time you stop surviving in this life and start thriving.

Supplies Needed: 

~Calming Music (look into Deva Primal or Parijat) ~Smudge Stick (Palo Santo would be an excellent choice) ~Crystals of your choosing (preferably black moonstone, quartz, citrine, or tiger’s eye) ~3 small pieces of paper and a pen ~3 fresh flowers or leaves ~Essential Oils (lavender with vetiver or peppermint are a great blend for this ritual) ~3 coins or tiny crystals you do not mind assigning to the permanent task of this ritual

  1. Turn your music on to a volume that is comfortable for you. Then smudge your space and your aura. Repeat silently or aloud, “I clear myself, I clear my space. I ask for an open mind and eyes to see that which I need to see.” 3 times.
  2. Light your incense and candle. Place both items on a surface that is safe for burning. Place your crystals in whatever grid you are drawn to create. If you are not feeling it, ask the crystalline energy to present itself and guide you.
  3. Sit in a comfortable position in front of your candle and crystals. Bring your hands together in prayer position and rest them at your heart center. Take in 3 deep breaths. Say silently or aloud, “I am open to receive. I ask to be cleansed of any debris. I ask to become a clean slate. May the healing energy of the White Light fill my being.”
  4. Take three more deep breaths and say silently or aloud, “I ask for guidance. My mind is open and I am ready to receive. I choose to bring the best Life has to offer me. I ask to be shown what it is I need to do to live my highest potential.”
  5. On one of the pieces of paper, write down one habit you feel comfortable committing to in order to support the health of your body. Do the same for your mind on the second piece and the same for your spirit on the third. Place each piece of paper under one coin or tiny crystal.
  6. Take a long, deep breath. Make this one a deep, belly breath. Visualize yourself acting on the habit you chose for your body. Really use your imagination here. Envision as much detail as possible. Take one more deep breath and say silently or aloud, “May I receive this or something better.”
  7. Repeat Step 6 for your habit regarding your habit for your body.
  8. Repeat Step 6 for your habit regarding your habit for your spirit.
  9. Burn, bury, or place your papers in your God box. If placing in your God box or burying, put the coins or crystals in the box or Earth. If burning, leave the coins or crystals in a public place or anywhere another person can pick them up.
  10. Take 9 deep breaths withe your hands in prayer position resting at your heart center. Take a tenth deep breath to extinguish the flame of your candle.

You can do this ritual as many times as you wish until all three habits become part of your daily routine. You can even up your game by repeating this for three new habits after you have completed these habits.