“After one session with Samantha, I felt like I had ten years of therapy crammed into one hour! I couldn’t believe the information that came through. She brought up memories from my past that I hadn’t thought about and completely forgot about to be honest. She described my behavior and patterns as if she knew me. Things that I didn’t want to admit, I felt comfortable admitting because I knew I was in the presence of healing energy. I felt safe to go to the places she was taking me. I received so much clarity and validation that I left with a feeling of freedom. I have more confidence moving forward. I felt so uplifted and I am looking forward to seeing Samantha again and again!”

Tari P.

“I had an [experience] with by Samantha this week. What I loved was how specific she was during the entire session. I have literally pages of notes in my journal. Samantha was able to give me very detailed information about my past heritage and she was even able to share with me some very important messages that I needed to hear. It was beautiful!! I have gotten a lot of readings in my lifetime and I can honestly say that Samantha gave me one of the most specific and positive emotionally driven sessions of this lifetime. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a kind, compassionate, gifted guide-Samantha is your girl! Thank you SO much Samantha for the beautiful reading and for all of the amazing feedback you gave me as well! I will definitely be setting about another session very soon because the information you provided to me is Priceless! The Soul Therapist is the real deal and I honestly can’t say one bad thing about the entire experience!!! The Soul Therapist has my highest of recommendations!!! Thank you Samantha!”

Jorie Zamost

“I contacted Samantha, but did not work with her until six months later. I wish I would have when I first reached out, but she reminded me there is a plan for everything and to trust in the timing of life. I suffer from an opioid addiction. I was in a really bad car accident and damaged my neck. I really was ashamed and didn’t want her to know about it, let alone anyone. She kept asking me over and over to open myself to her, I almost hung up, but something made me stay on the call. I saw her face and she was crying, I saw pain on her face. She said I let her in and she could feel me. I was covered in goosebumps and started bawling my eyes out. I didn’t know what was happening to me, but I could feel a release and something wash over me. I wasn’t even embarrassed. Samantha helped me feel safe. I admitted to her that I was an addict, but I knew she already knew. The best thing she gave me was the advice to not worry about forgiving myself because I would always find reasons to not. Instead, she told me to hand it over to God. Upon her suggestion, I am now in regular NA meetings and I work on myself daily. I really can’t wait to talk with her again. She was right about the timing, I don’t think I would have taken her advice if I scheduled an appointment with her the first time I wanted to.”

Cassie R.

“I went to Samantha seeking answers and healing about the passing of my grandmother and that’s exactly what Samantha gave me. She delivered messages that were truly personal to my heart. I not only received the answers I was looking for but I also received healing and things I need to improve within my inner self. I am forever grateful!”

Arianna Bennett

“About ten years ago I started to embrace my own spirituality. Since then, I have grown and changed in ways I never would have expected. I’ve always been rather resilient in believing that everything happens for a reason and knowing you can always welcome light in the depths of darkness. However, recently I hadn’t been able to lift a certain feeling of weight. This weight was making many life decisions feel disingenuous. Within the first five minutes or so Samantha started to untangle my emotional distress. She did so with little to no prompting. Although she reaffirmed many things I had been working on- like not feeling sad, guilty, and trying to focus on the “here/now”- I felt remarkably lighter. Whether you are in tune with your spirituality or not, if you have come this far to explore spiritual guidance don’t hesitate. My reading was invaluable and i know yours could be too.”

Katherine H.

“I recently had a session from Samantha and she did an absolutely amazing job. I’ve had readings done in the past that have been accurate, however, I was blown away by the things that she was able to tell me and how specific the information was. The fact that my session was done over the phone made it even more unbelievable. I had never met Samantha before, was referred to her through a friend, and she was able to tell me things that were so specific and on point in my life. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to gain some perspective on their life or to make a connection with themselves. I look forward to my next session with Samantha!”

Christina O

Samantha is a wonderful person and a truly amazing person. Not only did Samantha blow me away with her accuracy and capability to connect me with my soul, but, also, at just how much clarity and confidence I have felt within myself in the days and weeks since my session with her.

Samantha brought me to tears with her ability to tap into aspects of my relationships, family, career goals, worries, health and my patterns in my life as I said nearly nothing but nodded that I understood. I felt as if Samantha could see my soul. Her unique holistic approach has left me feeling so positive, grounded, and with a new confidence to absolutely move forward with my goals.

Samantha, thank you so very much. You have a gift. I can’t stop telling my husband, family, and friends about my life changing experience with you!

Kara C.

“I recently received a reading from the very talented Samantha and I am compelled to share this extraordinary experience. In preparation, I privately gave permission to allow Samantha to connect with me and then I briefly meditated on the content she sent me. I believe what followed was nothing short of remarkable. Almost immediately she began to be flooded with information about my life. She was notably accurate. She presented the rinformation in almost a story telling mode, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I cried, laughed, and felt immense comfort as detailed direct messages were coming to me from my soul. What made this so incredible was that 80% was the EXACT INTENT that I had set! I really couldn’t have expected more. She literally read my mind, heart, and soul. Samantha is a very gifted coach. Her intuitive abilities are impressive, and her compassionate nature put me at complete ease. She was even able to tell me, without hesitation the specific crystal stone that I was holding tightly during the entire reading! Thank you, Samantha, for giving me exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it.”

Forever a believer, Lisa M

“I just had a session with Samantha and what a beautiful soul! She was patient and took so much time to make sure I received and understood everything that was coming through! She hit things that she couldn’t have unless her gifts are real! You owe yourself this peace and time to yourself to talk to her! I am now and forever a loyal client! Absolutely love and appreciate her sharing her gifts with us I needed this more than I knew I did! Thank you a million times Sam!!!”

Regina Riddle

“Samantha’s time and energy with me truly exceeded my expectations. I’ve always had problems with psychics, for some reason they could never read me well. But Samantha’s abilities to assist me in my growth was right on point. She is very knowledgable.”

Vitoria Vento

“Over the years, Samantha has helped me with her insight many times. She is accurate, intuitive, and has given me great spiritual guidance through our sessions.

Of the most profound moments of clarity I’ve been given by Samantha, I can recall one instance in which we were discussing my late father. She helped me through the grieving process and more skills to know how to cope. I had never told anyone things she instinctively knew. She has also been deeply accurate in her guidance about my travels, before I had ever planned a trip. Over a year later, I found myself with plans to stay 3 months in Australia, that extended to a year, and now past that. With the help of Samantha’s messages and insight, I have been able to carve a more clear path for myself spiritually and feel supported and understood.”

Grace Lawrence

“Samantha was AMAZING! Not only did everything make sense, but I was impressed with how caring and comforting she was. She’s a respectful, intelligent individual who, after only 30 minutes, I found to truly admire. I went in with an open mind and walked out feeling more positive about myself all around. What also impressed me with Samantha is the fact that she’s incredibly logical but can also open up spiritually. That really inspired me. When the first call took place, I didn’t know that she was going to blow me away! Throughout the call, she had brought out so many emotions, that I didn’t think would come out just by sitting there! She’s great at what she does, and I can’t wait for my next call and hopefully meet her one day!”

Manuela K.

“When I went to see Sam, I really did not know what to expect. I had never have seen a psychic before, but I felt ready to explore the source of a deep pain I’d been feeling. She immediately connected this and gave voice to my soul and to what I needed to hear in that moment. I left feeling raw and with a great deal of work to do, but deeply motivated to follow through with the work I had been given. I felt as though my vibrational frequency had been elevated and my focus shifted. I left knowing which cords I had to cut to move forward. My time with Sam has led me to cultivate a deeper knowledge of self and connection to God. I feel very grateful to have received so much from her gifts.”

Jennifer Sawvel

“After feeling lost and disconnected for weeks, I contacted Samantha hoping to find some guidance. I have to say, she has really changed my life. She was spot on with everything that was brought up, without me telling her anything. Since then, I’ve started meditating and using the tools/advice from Samantha and my guides. I finally had the courage to leave a bad situation and begin to further accept myself as I am. I highly recommend scheduling time with her for anyone feeling lost or missing a connection.”

Courtney N.

“I’ve had the honor of receiving several sessions from Samantha, and every one has been accurate and delivered with compassion. She was able to communicate for me things I couldn’t say. She addressed and healed emotional issues I wasn’t able to on my own. She also was able to connect with physical health expressing concern about some things I didn’t think were affecting me. I would not hesitate to recommend Samantha to anyone looking to connect deep within and expand their spiritual practice.”

Janet Henry

“When I came to see Samantha, I’ll admit I was stuck like tar to the bottom of your foot on a hot day. Couldn’t seem to move forward, backward, sideways, up or down. And the people I had always relied on as my best guidance have long since left me and I was often lamenting and definitely feeling their absence. Samantha’s gift to provide clarity that I was unable to distinguish myself, and reminded me that my vision was all too clouded with everyone else’s opinions. I heard her words offering guidance and support and a loving kick in the pants.

I am especially grateful that the messages that Samantha delivered were delivered with kindness, but also with clear emphasis on their importance, that left no question on the direction I was to move in and the steps I was going to need to take. As this information settled into my heart, and I embraced it, I chose to take the advice and opened up the business that I’ve been wanting to have for years.”

Carrie Mularoni

“Samantha’s insight was so accurate that even friends who were skeptical of me hiring her admitted it was odd she knew things about me. She knew specifics and described my personality as though she knew me. She also knew things such as my boyfriend is an introvert, more so than myself. I had never previously met Samantha, nor had my boyfriend, so her knowing these specific things was incredible. The whole experience was comforting for myself and others in my group.”

Shelby Stewart

“When you have a session with Samantha, she will go to the hard places in your life that you weren’t aware existed. She connected with me, deeply and I discovered that the reasons for my behavior and habits. She could see things that I never discussed. “You don’t have children because you carry the bi-polar gene,” she said. My father was bi-polar and I didn’t mention this to her.  I always wanted children yet deep inside knew I shouldn’t have them, but I didn’t know why. Now I have the why. She knew about my childhood and that I protected my brother from Dad’s erratic behavior. When she said my protection is the reason my brother was able to have the family he has, I started to cry, and I could feel the pain of all the years of emotional abuse from my Dad lift away and I felt a burden release from me.

Samantha convinced me she is a healer.”

Mary E.

“Samantha’s energy and spirit are evidence enough of her outstanding ability to tap into your soul and the energies surrounding you. I have known Samantha for years and when she performed a healing session for me, I was in awe of the messages she was able to pick up; things we had never even discussed. Samantha’s gift is beyond special and I get the sense it grows each time I see her. You won’t be disappointed, she has so much to offer.”

Janelle Best

I had an appointment with Samantha that far exceeded my expectations. She is truly intuitive and uses her gift to help others. She is courteous, approachable and professional. In her daily posts and her one-on-one interactions, she gives of herself for the betterment and enlightenment of others. I cannot say enough about her spiritual gifts that I witnessed and can honestly say that every moment is worth every cent.

Morgan Negra

“Samantha has given me guidance and peace on my journey in this amazing LIFE and in death of my loved ones. I’m comforted by her guidance and insight as I now have the clarity to move forward. I have been a part of group meetings and have had my own personal sessions with Samantha. I have enjoyed both settings. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift, Samantha.”

Susie M.

“I have never seen a psychic before, but my sister urged me to have a joint session with Samantha as she helped her tremendously and was more of a therapist for your soul than a psychic. I have been so depressed and I cry all the time. I was really hoping to make sense of my life and what’s been happening to me. I thought anything can help and I could see a big difference in my sister after she worked with Samantha. But, what Samantha described, I never would have guessed she could know. I was amazed that she was able to describe my personality and thoughts. She knew memories and where I have been stuck. She was able to pinpoint aspects of my life and teach me how to see these for myself. I left with homework and the ability to connect with her for more guidance.”

Tammy Goard

“I had a great time and was happy that I was offered so much insight through Samantha. I went into the it with an open mind after years of hesitation of doing anything like this. Samantha was easy to talk with and made the whole experience great. I felt like it gave me more understanding of some things I’m going through, hope and comfort. If you’re open to the experience, Samantha is someone I have and would trust again with giving the delivery. I love that I know myself more and have permission to call on her when I need it.”

Heidi Comartin

“Samantha is such a wise, authentic, generous, kind and in tune guide who is able to tap into your soul and divine intelligence for the highest good of you and all involved while creating such a sacred space. I highly recommend her for coaching!! She’s a true gem (or crystal, I should say).”

Julie Reisler

“I was blown away by Samantha!!! She was so spot on!!!! Even down to the pain I am physically feeling and there is absolutely no way for her to have known that!!!! I found her guidance so helpful!!!!! Her positivity is a brightness that is beyond welcoming!!!! And just listening to her speak and encourage, and love others is, in itself a blessing!!!! Definitely would recommend and I will have her help me again and again!!!!!!”

Chelsea Horne

“I had a session with Samantha and she was amazing. She was able to go deep into my thought process and she made me realize things that I had not seen before. I highly recommend her and I am looking forward to use the information I was able to receive during our session to make great things happen in my life.”

Kiki Koymarianos

“She is honestly like sitting with a friend who has known you and your family your whole life. She is truly talented and enlightening. She gave me so much to think about. I am definitely on a path of making myself a better life. Thank you Samantha ♡”

Patti Santagate

“I had a meeting with Samantha and I was very pleased with regards to her accuracy, and happy that someone else knew and could help me on my Journey. I felt quite comfortable with her and knew rather quickly that this was going to be a very good thing. She is authentic, caring and I’m looking forward to our next conversation.”

Barbara Bayer

“I had a session with Samantha the other day it was “very awesome”! To give you insight. she knows that we are all at the same level.
She was 1000% correct on everything we talked about! She talked briefly about my parents, things I never talked about; my sadness, happiness, family, people I met in hospital, past present and future, my sexuality and why I’m shy, fights or arguments within family, insights, love life yet to come, her recommendations, suggestions, and to act more human…
Anything you want to know she the one to call on she is so “very awesome” and I’d call her again and again!”

Kenneth Goslyn

“Samantha is extremely intuitive and emotionally intelligent, as well as being generous with her time and support. Her energy is immediately calming and at the close of our conversation, I felt cleansed and more centered. I went into the call needing a sense of direction and her guidance was an invaluable contribution to my day. I highly suggest connecting with Sam, she is a loving and and gifted soul.”

Stephanie Eliason

“The Soul Therapist truly was a great experience. She helped me see and realize my true path and gave me 110% of herself. I feel very blessed to have spent time with her.”

Marcy Smit

“Samantha reached right into my heart and pulled out so many answers and feelings. She has a way to of bringing out the best in You. While I questioned why I’m here she told me things about myself, I didn’t look at before. My heart has been closed and she has helped open it again. She’s helped bring me peace. I’m so glad she is now in my life.”

Patricia Miller

“Let me just say I’ve known Samantha for many many years. When she and I had our call last week I cried, we laughed and everything she was saying made perfect sense. I highly recommend her. Please schedule something, she is absolutely amazing…thanks again Samantha.”

Cheryl Granderson

“I had such a great experience seeing Samantha, she brought up things that affected my life that I only knew, she brought up a lot of parts of my life that I needed to work on. Everything was so true, it was great!”

Marissa O.

“Samantha was great. I honestly have always been a little hesitant to trust someone I found online, but have always been a very spiritually connected person. Samantha made me feel comfortable and at ease. She confirmed a lot a feeling I have been having and opened my eyes to new possibilities.”

Sarah McHugh