The Breath: A Physical Manifestation of Life Force Energy

The breath, a power associated with life. Our breath is the physical manifestation of vital life force energy. When we breathe, unrestricted, in addition to oxygen, we take in the vital energy that surrounds us. This merges with our physical bodies as everything we inhale flows from our lungs into our bloodstream, entering every area of our physical body affecting our mental and emotional health as well. Every cell vibrates with the energy that has been taken in from each breath.

We receive energy from food, the sun, and most importantly from the air we breathe. The quality of our air is just as important as the quality of our food. The quality of the air we breathe directly affects our inner nature as this vital life force energy animates our physical, mental, and emotional states (mind, body, spirit).

We know stress and anxiety can affect our inner nature, yet how much attention are we giving to our breath? Our breath, the very manifestation of vital life force energy needed to survive on planet Earth.

When restricted, our inner nature is disturbed which lowers our inner nature, preventing our spiritual light from shining, creating blockages for our spiritual growth and personal development. Preventing the evolution of our true nature. For us to evolve wholly, our mind, body, and spirit must be in balance.

Think about your body as the microcosm, a little world, and the Universe as a macrocosm the great world around the billions of microcosms. Each microcosm vital for the survival of humanity and the growth of each individual is crucial to the development of self and spirituality. Breathing, unrestricted, mindful, controlled increased the very life force of each microcosm thus directly affecting the macrocosm. This play a key role in uplifting and raising the collective consciousness thus resulting in a better quality of life, enhancing development both personally and spiritually.

“Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts. Whenever your mind becomes scattered, use your breath as the means to take hold of your mind again.”
― Thich Nhat Hanh

The quality of our vital life force, our breath, maintains our physical health, the stability of our intellect, prevents disease, regulates our circulatory and digestive systems, affects our moods and can decrease or increase our stress levels.

When the level of our very life force is lowered, restricted, not able to flow naturally, we in essence pause our spirituality, our growth. Our moods become altered because our spirit is not receiving its vital life force energy to enhance in its evolution leading to a weakened level of life force energy entering freely into the body. This results in heightened reactions (altered moods), lowered immune response, unhealthy sleep patterns (also affecting moods), and a lack of motivation (not thinking clearly).

These results have a direct impact on our stress levels. If we are in a poor mood more than we are not, this directly affects our relationships as we may be reactive than calm and collected. We may find we are more triggered, lashing out rather than going within and listening to our breath, controlling ourselves rather than attempting to control the masses. With lower immune response, we may get ill more frequently which has an adverse effect on the vital life force energy as when we are ill, our vibration suffers, and we are unable to resonate at higher frequencies preventing our soul from evolving. As stress overcomes the physical body, the mind declines right along with it. When our mind and body are out of their natural state, our spirit suffers, and we fail to hear the callings from the Ether while we focus on our lowered state.

When stressed, our minds are filled with thoughts, judgments. Worries consume our minds. If we are failing to go within, we are seeking a solution from outside of us. This can cause us to blame others. When we blame, we are holding others accountable for that which we feel is wrongdoing against us, yet it is within our capacity to hold the space for our own vital life force energy. Yet, this can be a struggle when it is constricted.

In the quiet of our mind, we find our breath. In the control of our breath, we are able to regulate the quality of the life force energy entering our lungs, saturating our cells with luscious life-giving oxygen. Controlled breathing comes from a controlled mind. An uncontrolled mind will seek to control the outer world. The answer is always within. You are the answer. Your breath is the key to the quality of your life. Your breath, the physical manifestation of the vital life force energy of the cosmos is your direct link to your spirituality.

Breathe. Breathe without restriction. Everything is connected. Your breath is the vehicle to connection.

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  1. Dear Sam,
    First…(((HUGE HUGS)))
    I cannot begin to tell you how AMAZING your blogs are! This one really resonates with me on so many levels. I thank you so much for sharing your beautiful thoughts, wisdom and love with all of us!! I love you Sam!!!!
    ~ Honey

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