The Divine Architect and You—The Expansion of Your Soul

God, the Divine Architect of the Universe, has given each one of His creations a purpose. We find ourselves annoyed by some, such as a yard filled with mosquitoes and attempt to control nature by creating more comfortable conditions for ourselves. We fail to consider the mosquitoes, as food, provide for the other creatures who walk, slither, scale, and fly the earth with us.

We are all workers of the Divine Architect; our Creator makes no mistakes. We created the idea of innate mistakes, imperfections, because we try to live up to our earthly ideals of what we think we are supposed to be or look like. God wants nothing from you. When you commune with your soul, your Higher Self, the truest worker of the Divine, you will know this to be truth.

We always want to know: What’s the plan? What am I here for? What is my purpose? We are in search of the very thing that is seeking us and yet we miss so much in the search of outwardly things, we forget to go within.

The Journey to Self, along with its many rewards, will always arrive at the doorstep of God. The door is always open and you are welcome, at all times, to walk through it.

There is a plan and purpose for all of humanity directly relating to the expansion of our consciousness. As we seek and listen to our Master Within, the whispers of our soul which beckon us to be ourselves, to be love, to live in peace, to rise in the face of adversity, to overcome that which ails us, we gain the realization of the Plan and are wiser for knowing ourselves.

Our response to all thrown at us in life dictates the level of consciousness and wisdom we obtain. We may find ourselves annoyed by mosquitoes and seeking a solution rather than asking, “What can I learn?” Or requesting to see the workings of the Plan through these creatures we do desperately wish to destroy and remove from our presence. Yet, here, we meet a teacher, a guide designed by the Divine Architect and while this may seem like a low level of expansion to be dismissed, we must know and live as though all levels are essential and important.

“Living in the midst of her (Mother Nature) we are strangers to her. Carelessly she speaks to us, yet betrays none of her secrets. Men are all in her and she in all.” -Goethe

Some have greater importance, sure. Just think how much more can be obtained and what glory can transpire if we chose to learn from even the most minute of levels of consciousness on our planet. The truth is, you chose to be here, requested it because who you are and what lives inside of you is very necessary for the expansion of consciousness on the planet at this very time.

By participating in the Plan, by listening to your soul, by garnering all your responsibility as a participant of humanity, you will find more joy, more meaning, more fulfillment. We are not created as machines who operate on autopilot throughout our days. God created you in His image for the sole purpose of experiencing planet earth through YOUR special perception. He is privy to the perception of each one of us and we have a duty to be His eyes and ears.

To see the majesty of the world and to use our words for love and healing. To lift others up and empower ourselves so we may do that more. The tiny annoyances of Life are not punishments or barriers, they are lessons and opportunities for growth. To know who we are and what we are made of, we must see for ourselves. We were designed that way. We were created with our own mind that thinks differently than others and operates on its own field of energy. With a free mind, a mind free of the pollution of those who wish to control and seek to dominate humanity, we see the kingdom of heaven is more than obtainable, it lives and breathes within us all. Seated in our soul.

The many attributes of the Plan are held within our innerselves. When we infuse Spirit into all we do, say, and think we find ourselves living in harmony with the Universal Laws that govern us all. We are in alignment with our soul, instruments for the Divine. We are slow to react and fill our responses with love and healing. We become the masters of our minds rather than bending to its will. We are more centered and grounded in faith and harmony with life.

“Human consciousness is the stage upon which concept and observation meet and become linked to one another.” -Rudolf Steiner

We become guides and teachers for others on their inward journeys to the realization of Self.

This world is filled with the most incredible designs of the Divine. Everything for the very illumination of your soul and the expansion of your consciousness. Once you realize this, you will learn you have purpose in much of what is presented to you regardless of its packaging. You will find yourself committing to the Plan and asking yourself how you may be a proper instrument for humanity and your fellow creatures if the Divine.

This commitment brings changes in your life that make you wonder why it took so long to get here. Pay those no answer for it all was designed to lead you right where you are, right where you were meant to be. Right where you belong.

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