The Expansion of the Soul

Your soul, your very essence is not only the expression of God, but the way in which God experiences humanity. It is pure consciousness, dwelling within the very core of your being. Your soul chose to be here, on Earth, at this time for its expansion, to experience the existence of planet Earth, to test the boundaries, and reach limitlessness. Your soul, the seat of the Higher Self desires to transcend the limitations and restrictions placed upon it by the ego mind. Its only intention, to delve into the blockages and entanglements to uncover your truth, the radiance of who you are.

Everything thrown your way is merely a tool for the expansion of your consciousness. You have the opportunity to view your trials and struggles as vehicles to take you from where you were to where you are meant to be; the expanded version of Self, the expression of your soul. Awareness offers the chance to observe this negotiation between soul and ego. If you allow, you can experience the divinity that arrives with this expansion and transcendence; everything called forth by the soul is displayed for you to find your truth and purpose. To overcome the confinements of the ego and seek liberation in truth.

If you are able to view each circumstance or situation as a learning opportunity created and provided for you to overcome, learn, expand, life becomes a little easier to handle as you find yourself flowing with the waters of life rather than swimming upstream. As you accept your life as it is and realize that you have the power and ability to change your destiny by changing your way of thinking, you peel back the veil and see the world as it truly is and not as you wish to believe it should be.

You gain grace and understanding through this acceptance, creating space for the expansion of your soul. You begin to see everything in your life as a gift. The silver linings are brighter and brighter with each new awareness. The expansion of your soul allows you to use your light to guide you through the darkest of nights.

Your soul is the reminder that you are not alone in this life.

We are surrounded by armies of light. Each one a creation of God, gifts to humanity. Their sole purpose is our survival and they work through each one of us as guides, protectors, teachers, defenders. Their existence depends on ours and we are loved beyond measure. These great forces support us in our liberation from the ties that bind us, the freedom of our souls, our ability to use our God-given free will.

“If you knew who walked beside you at all times, on the path that you have chosen, you could never experience fear or doubt again.”― Wayne Dyer

With the understanding and knowing our journeys are designed for the expansion of our soul, we are able to remain grounded in our truth. We become a vessel of peace, holding love and respect for whatever and whoever enters our path. We find calm in our transcendence and honor our way of living by bringing the sacred into everyday life. We commemorate our past versions of Self knowing each one was a warrior who brought us to each new post in our journey. Each version showed us a new awareness, a piece of the psyche of humanity. Opportunities to experience life.

Anger, fear, worry dissolves with each expansion of our soul.

Loss is not regarded the same as it once was for a knowing that all is connected and we are a drop in the ocean and the ocean simultaneously. Faith takes the driver’s seat as we understand the inner workings of our soul and that we are always in direct communication with God through every thought and action. Faith becomes an auto-response to every throe of life. We acknowledge that to get to the other, the only way is through. We become accustomed to the transformation process, welcoming the shadows of Self a seat at the table, fully acknowledging these aspects are also creations for the very purpose of expanding our soul. Each one, a layer of Self waiting to be chiseled into our divine self.

Each step taken in our journey, regardless of the look and feel, is a sacred place of rebirth. A building ground for our expansion. The realization of the kingdom of God living and breathing inside of us. The place within where all that glitters is gold and joy is abundant. Where we understand and acknowledge that all is a gift and we too are a gift to the world. Our talents are on display, waiting to be used in the world to bring more love, light, and balance. The realization that our life is saturated by endowments of God waiting to be expressed and utilized.

This is truth. This is life.

Learn to stare into the eyes of your shadows and stare in the face of adversity. Create a life where each movement is a sacred experience and every word uttered is a prayer. Open yourself to the divinity within and release everything keeping you attached to a world of limitations and traps. Break free. Resist the temptation to condemn yourself and others and allow acceptance to be as crucial as the air you breathe. Release your need to control and know everything. Begin to see the importance of freedom and the appropriate use of free will. Remain in the here and now.

Everything in your life is for you.

The pain, the sorrow, the loss, rejection, and despair. You are the protagonist in your story, everything in your life is the framework providing fodder for your legacy to planet Earth.

Remember this: veiled behind every heavy emotion, every heartbreak, each disappointment lives freedom, joy, peace, oneness, most of all your soul’s expansion. The uncontrollable aspects of your life are teachers of balance, providing chaos and discord to teach your mind, body, and spirit to work in unison to bring balance into your life. Behind these veils exists everything your soul is requesting for its very expansion. You are here, on Earth for the expansion of your soul, not the earthly pleasures and comforts. Sit in peace and allow the stillness to provide you with a way of living in your truest version of who you are. It is in the stillness that the restraints from the past dissolve and the liberation of being who you are is waiting to be discovered.

Enjoy your journey and love your life. Greet each day with a fresh curiosity and wonder of what gifts are awaiting you.

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