You are with yourself more than you are with any other person on this planet. Day after day, it is you and yourself. How well do you really know yourself? Are you in touch with your strengths and weaknesses? Do you accept your failures as well as your accomplishments?

It is easy to get wrapped up, lost in another person’s narrative of you. When the opinion is flattering, this can be uplifting. What happens when someone else’s opinion of you is not so flattering? How much weight do you place on what another may or may not think of you?

Many Faces for Many Places

When we are not living our authentic selves, we tend to be a different person depending on who we are with. If we allow the opinion of someone to have much meaning, we wear a face that fits the opinion we think they may have.

For instance, you may act in a way or portray yourself in a way that helps you to fit in with particular people.

When I was a hairstylist and I had an affluent client in my chair, I exaggerated my earnings and lifestyle to fit their way of living. If I had a client who wasn’t well off and struggled financially, I downplayed my earnings and would make statements that gave way to me struggling with money.

I did this because I felt I had to alter who I was to make the person I was with comfortable. I wasn’t being true to myself. I buried the real me under a version of who I thought I should be for another.

Each Person Sees You As You Allow Them to See You

If you were to ask each person to describe WHO you are, many would bring up similar qualities. But, Beloved, each one has a different experience, a different memory of who you are and how life was and is with you in it.

The only way for others to know who you are is for you to know yourself.

Allow Me to Explain

There are as many realities that exist as there are people. Each person shapes their reality based upon their thoughts, beliefs, and memories. Two people can experience and witness the same occurrence at the same time, and each one with have a completely different rendition of what happened.

That is because each person can only explain what they see based off what is in their awareness and what already exists in their mind, their emotions, their current place in life.

For Example, one child can revere their parent as a loving, nurturing caretaker with nothing but fond memories of being loved. That child’s sibling may not hold the same parent in high regard. Co-workers can share differing perceptions of their boss. One may see the boss as fair and just while the other sees the boss as strict and having too high of expectations. One friend can see you as selfish and self-centered while another views you as thoughtful and generous.

Why Are There So Many Versions of You?

Are you the same person with everyone you encounter, or do you play the role you feel is necessary at the time? When you act as a chameleon, changing colors to suit the person you are with at the cost of not being who you are, you are responsible for each version of you created.

How much energy are you spending trying to be someone you aren’t in order to fit into this ideal that you think the person needs or wants you to be? Wouldn’t this energy be better spent trying to be someone you need or want to be?

Your Version is the Best

When you know yourself, you can be the authentic you. When you accept who you are, you do not need to shape and mold yourself into whoever you are around, because you are being yourself.

You no longer care if people like or dislike you because you are doing what is best for you. You realize the energy you spent wearing a thousand different faces is better spent taking care of you.

Once you learn who you are, and you see the real you, you fall in love with the version that you created. It no longer matters if there are thousands of versions of you running around in people’s minds because the only version that matters is the one you created.

It is your reality after all. It is your life. Life is too short to be a different version of yourself for each person. Ask yourself, who do I want to be?

Then be it!

I propose a challenge to you. Your mind is your most powerful tool, your most beneficial resource. Go within, create an image of the person you want to be.

Judge not! When an image portraying the powerful you appears, trust it. Your Higher Self, your true self, is showing you who you are. You may surprise yourself with the glory and magnificence you see.

This is time to play with your imagination, strengthen your belief in yourself.

Your power resides within you, it always has for you were born with it. When you place more value on whether another believes in you, you hand over your power of belief. This power belongs to you and you alone. You truly are capable of achieving and being anything, you want.

You are more magnificent than what you allow yourself to realize. Make today the day that you allow this realization.