The Ugly Truth of Being an Empath

My psychic and mediumship abilities are called “gifts”. Most people say people like me are gifted. Gift or gifted is used because most people view these abilities as if people such as myself are lucky to possess such qualities and when we share our abilities we are gifting the world.

When I think of my gifts, I think of myself as extremely blessed to be able to touch souls and be trusted with such intimate details of people’s lives. Mostly to have a close relationship with Spirit.

My blessings come in abundance the more I use my gift in service to others. A big part of my agreement with Spirit is to share my wisdom and act as a living guide for others to heal.

In exchange for this act of service, I am blessed with the deep potential to see more, view more, know more, and deepen my intuition allowing more of a knowing.

Though this sounds wonderful, and it is, there is a dark side to being gifted.

It’s really rather lonely. I live in different worlds throughout the day. Epiphanies and visions appear even during mundane tasks such as washing dishes or folding laundry. To explain what happens during these flashes of intuition is beyond difficult. When I have tried to even the most trusted sources, including my husband, I am on the receiving end of confused looks and a bitten tongue.

Close friendships for me are sparse until recent. Before, they were flat out nonexistent.

I am able to feel people’s emotions without them needing to say a word. When I first told my friends and family, I was bombarded with an array of emotions and most were painful to feel. I felt jealousy, doubt, closing off, judgment. A handful, if that, had pure joy and intrigue for my declaration. I slowly started to see where my true friends were and who was getting ready to depart from my journey.

The more I heal and transform, the less lonely it becomes but also, the more secluded. As my knowledge and awareness increases, so does a deep desire to preserve my own energy. Relationships that were once so close no longer desire knowledge about me or my life, but rather advice and counsel. The pain comes when I discover that the relationship was like that all along, I just have a deeper awareness now.

So I spend more time alone, not being as social, confusing people because I am so extroverted and yet I feel the need to keep to myself. The ones who don’t understand usually stop sending the invitations and their texts come to a screeching halt.

BUT! Each day I care less and less about whether or not people understand me.

Because I feel less and less alone as I remember my gifts. My gifts teach me in numerous ways. Daily, I am shown that I am always connected. Rather than trying to be understood I bury myself into deep service of helping others. I have found that my past relationships are that, past. Stories I get to share and love I felt and experienced. The lessons I’ve learned and the knowledge I’ve gained is passed down to those willing to grow and transform.

New relationships where my worth is recognized and I am no longer a vessel for advice, but someone exciting to be around become sacred and rare.

I want you to know…

Things get easier as you step into your role and embrace yourself exactly as you are. The more acceptance you foster for yourself, the less and less you seek outside validation. You start being really choosy with who you share your space and time with. You grow less bitter for the past and the people there because your gifts brought you to this place of peace and empowerment.

You will become more comfortable the more you step into your gifted role. You will feel more empowered as you learn what really matters to you is more important than being understood or what people think of you. You come to terms with being an instrument of the Universe and a messenger of Spirit. Your mission is very important, you are a worker of the light, and by being one, you know the importance of being true to yourself carries a far greater weight than labels or organizations.

But listen…while it may be lonely, you are far from alone. A quote that I carry with me on my journey:

Wayne Dyer — ‘If you knew who walked beside you at all times, on the path that you have chosen, you could never experience fear or doubt again’


We are never alone. We are guided and protected at all times. Our gift puts us in touch with Spirit and gives us access to feelings and an array of ways to touch people, our world, and guide the souls who come after us home, home to themselves.

So, come home to yourself. Stop trying to explain yourself. Those who matter don’t need an explanation. You are allowed to be loved just the way you are. I promise, once you start accepting yourself as you are you will no longer seek acceptance from others.

If you are in need of guidance concerning your gifts and/or spiritual journey, I would be honored to assist you. Book an appointment as I would be honored to hold your hand and offer you guidance and clarity with your gifts.

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