What to Do When Under an Energy Attack

Energy attacks are more common than you may think. For highly sensitive empaths, they can go almost undetected.

Before I get into what to do when you are being attacked energetically, I’d like to offer you some insight into what it feels like when your energy field is penetrated by an outside source and what may qualify as an outside source.

What An Energy Attack Can Feel Like

Energy attacks can spring up out of nowhere and may leave you with an uncomfortable feeling of anxiety, nausea, headaches, butterflies in your belly, a feeling of wanting to jump out of your skin. These are just some examples of what I have experienced. Please feel free to share your own experiences as we all perceive energy through our own unique energetic field.

Energy is in words – spoken, thought, written.

As you scroll through social media and find a familiar face has commented on something, a text message, or an email, you may find yourself surprised as the words on the screen are evoking discomfort in your physical body. This is a form of an energy attack.

These harmful thoughts vibrate at a low frequency that no longer resonate with your energy. Your body struggles with this energy as it does any foreign object, causing pain, disturbance.

What It Is

An energy attack is a misalignment of energy that you are absorbing. If the person who is thinking thoughts of anger, malice, or anything that vibrates lower than where you are energetically aligned, your energy is in a sense warding off the energy and your physical body is the battle field. I will go into how to shield yourself and remove the low vibrating energy in a bit.

The very fact they are placing thoughts of you into the low vibrating field, they are subconsciously attaching you to the energy. Everything is connected, yes, But, when you have a bond with someone, especially when it is someone close to you, this energy comes into your heart center and throws you off your balance.

It is a series of thoughts, harmful thoughts shooting towards you as an arrow releasing from a bow. You have the power to make yourself the target or not. You can allow this energy attack to create the anxiety in your body or you can simply remove it from your body.

Your physical body is an antenna, your heart the shield, your mind is your power.

When you strengthen your shield (your heart) and your power (your mind), the thoughts from others are no longer harmful because they cannot penetrate your energy field (aura). The thoughts of the other (energy attack) are rendered useless and no longer harmful because they can no longer touch you.

When your heart is full and your mind clear, you pick up the frequencies of healing and love.

What to Do

To strengthen yourself, be sure to ground yourself in whichever way you find appropriate in the moment. Ways to ground are deep breathing, exercise, putting your hands under water, eating greens, CBD, drinking plenty of water, mediation, music for your root chakra, tapping just to name a few.

You want to then picture white light coming in through each inhale and “grabbing”, “pulling” out the energy your body absorbed and releasing it through each exhale. Do this for as many breaths as necessary. Open your root chakra and pull Mother Earth’s energy up through your sits bones or your feet and release it through your crown.

I like to say this to myself in my mind as I perform this exercise,

May I be cleansed of all energies less than love.

When you are ready, and only when you are ready, it is time to open your heart and send love to whoever sent you the energy attack, even if the identity is unknown, Spirit knows who they are and will assist you. They lack love, mainly love of self.

You are here to send love, spread love, be love.

Focus on yourself. As you place focus on yourself and your self-awareness, you will find more information needed for you to move forward.

Those who vibrate at a lower frequency have yet to discover their power, empathy and compassion is needed. For anyone to have a desire of ill-will or ill-intent towards any human is lost in the land of illusion, separate from all. Be the love. Be the guiding light. We are all here to walk each other home, home to our truest selves.

Be who you are unapologetically. Inspire those to stand in their true selves. This is why you are here.

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